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Pirouette One-to-Watch at Playtime Paris

The Pirouette Blog and its famous One-to Watch were at Playtime Paris once again! Throwback on the winners of the 22nd edition in Fashion and Design categories.

One To Watch SS18 - Fashion category


Barn of Monkeys gives the utmost importance to excellence, artistry and eco-responsibility. What makes the brand so unique is the willing to provide exclusive apparels with a meaning. They are always in the search of creating outstanding long-lasting garments, using the best fabrics made with high-quality organic raw-materials.

The piece we love: the yellow sweater below, totally in love with the graphics!
Instagram: @barnofmonkeys

One To Watch SS18 - Design category


The timeless shape of Banwood bikes deserves an award. The founders of the brand wanted to carry on the magic of how kids used to play.
Banwood bikes are characterized by both safe and classic design, which brings them to a must-have.

The thing we love: the cute little basket at the front!

Instagram: @banwoodbikes

Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for the next Pirouette One-to-Watch at Playtime New-York on August 6-8!

Until then, read the article on Pirouette blog!

Pirouette One To Watch Awards winners at Playtime Paris