Élhée's modern baby bottles

A new innovative French brand of babycare products and accessories shakes the whole market!

Using delicate materials, rounded shapes and beautiful soft colours, Élhée proposes a chic and minimalist universe where the visual and tactile express the balance of beauty and function, insousiance and security, art de vivre and excellence.

The first product of Élhée's collection is BibROND, the Natural Rounded Baby Bottle, where original design and medical grade silicone produce a soft and flexible feeding bottle which enhances baby’s bottle feeding experience.

The BibROND Élhée, 100 % safe, soft and welll-designed, relies on its unique concept to provide parents with:

  • New design and stylish French baby bottle
  • New tactile sensation for a natural extension of the mother breastfeeding
  • Highest safety standards


Élhée’s unique rounded baby bottle is created as a gentle, loving shape that offers a moment of shared tenderness while feeding your baby. BibROND’s natural curving shape in soft, supple, skin-like material closely resembles the feel of the mother’s breast, helping mothers gently alternate or make the transition from breast to bottle feeding.


BibROND’s bottle and teat are made of in an innovative, medical-grade quality silicone which is non-allergenic and heavy metal free.

BibROND’s unique closure system precludes any risk of the milk coming into contact with any materials other than those of the bottle and teat both in silicone.


BibROND’s natural and physiological shaped teat in extra-supple silicone contributes to your baby’s good oral development. It comprises an anti-colic valve specifically designed to reduce the intake of air by the baby while feeding to effectively reduce the risk of colic and to provide an optimum feeding experience.

Check out this brand at Playtime Paris on January 26-28, booth A07!