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Vol. 8: NEW NOW x The Mum Club

To curate the selection for our NEW NOW space at Playtime Paris, we called on our partner, The Mum Club! As the UK's leading event-based community and members club for women who happen to have children, The Mum Club has the perfect insight on what parents are looking for to dress their little ones. We hope you enjoy their introduction to the incredible NEW NOW brands who will be joining us all at Playtime Paris for the first time!

There is something so exciting about finding a brand that completely aligns with your own creative thinking. Like you never knew how much you needed it until you saw it and now you can’t stop thinking about it. There are so many exciting, brilliant children’s brands appearing, so we curated a selection of 10 brands that we are obsessed with. If we had a shop, we’d definitely stock.
Lauren & Jessica,
co-founders of The Mum Club

children's gender neutral clothes

This brands' gender neutral designs are playful and cheery whilst still remaining timeless. Each piece is made with the highest quality materials to ensure durability during playtime (which we all know can get a bit hectic!) Their clothes are made with the intention to last for all the Sundays to come and from one child to the next. They look for the best ways to be sustainably minded which we absolutely love because we all want to do our part for the environment.

inclusive kid's dolls

You used to really struggle to find black and brown dolls in the shops not that long ago, but it's getting a lot easier to find brands that make and stock them these days. This brand makes the most gorgeous diverse dolls with natural hair. We all know how important it is for little boys and girls to see someone who looks like them in books, on tv and also see dolls that look like them! A doll is often a child’s favourite companion, providing a source of comfort and entertainment unlike any other toy. They also have the cutest outfits to kit them out in!

children's sustainable knits

There is something about this brand that makes us think of the cardi's and hats our granny used to knit for us, and now that our mums knit for our little one or if you are a pro knitter, DIY! Nothing beats cozy knits and this brand have nailed it! This is mamelo. Sustainable and timeless products designed and produced to stay – for several generations and life cycles.

kid's up-cycled clothes

4. UNIE & CO
Upcycling is the new second hand! All these unique pieces are hand crafted in Paris, they are fun, playful and good for the environment! Because the garment that pollutes the least remains the one that is already produced. Their velvet pieces are stunning and would make a great addition to any little ones' wardrobe (if only they had some for adults too!)

children's colorful clothes

This brand reminds us of the clothes we used to wear as kids and wish we could still be wearing! Creative, expressive clothes that are colourful and fun, exactly what kid's clothes should be. We are very into the bold and bright colours and this timeless brand is all of that and more.

toddlers fashion clothes

6. ILO
This brand is the epitome of a staple wardrobe. Simple, classic pieces designed for timeless style. We love the neutral color palette from this brand and anything handmade has our heart.

girls' couture fashion

Playful and eco-friendly, what better way to describe girls’ couture. We love the way *Kyute's range is not guided by the seasons but simply lets their audience express themselves via clothing. Kyute solely uses GOTS certified cotton and local producers.

baby fashion clothes

This romantic, Parisian baby range is created by using only the highest quality materials. Maurine brings a timeless luxury to your little one’s wardrobe. Built to last, we see these items being passed through the generations along with the memories they hold.

kid's fashion cowboy boots

Have you ever seen a baby in cowboy boots? Look no further. These beautiful and fun boots are an essential in every pre-walkers’ life. Every boot is made in the family-owned factory with a lot of love. We adore them.

kid's fashion swimwear

An essential item for any sun seekers. It is more important than ever that we protect our family’s skin and Solette provides an easy and playful way to do just that. With an age range from 1 year up to 14 and a range of designs, you will find something for everyone.

Come meet these amazing brands who will be joining us at Playtime Paris for the first time on January 29-31!

About The Mum Club: Born out of a unique need for support throughout the monumental change that is motherhood. The Mum Club provides a community for women to meet, laugh, learn, discuss, and ultimately build supportive authentic relationships. Through local franchised events and an online experience The Mum Club offers unapologetically honest insights, exclusive member offers and discounts from carefully curated brand partners.

The Mum Club