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U-exist: a new way to see handicap

Between activism and estheticism, Simon Colin and Amandine Labbe are driven by the same goal : allow expression for everyone.
Simon Colin

In 2014, the duo was born and launched together the brand U-exist. Amandine Labbé, artistic director, became the creative pillar. Simon Colin, CEO, has been the technician orthotist.

Back in 2008, shocked by a cold and sanitized vision of orthopedic devices, Simon worked on “psychological impacts of prosthesis and orthesis personalization”.

A precursor subject acclaimed by the jury but not appreciated by orthopedic professionals judging the aesthetic approach not respectful towards patients. Simon understood that he'll have to fight to change the world's view of disability, starting with professionals in the field.

Amandine Labbé

Having an aesthetic and contemporary culture acquired by her experiences in luxury and her teaching at fashion school ESMOD, Amandine Labbé noticed the real lack of estheticism in the orthopedic environment.

Every suggestions to patients was away from trends and old fashioned, placing them to the margins of society. Pushing by her engagement and her mother sensibility, Amandine adhered to the project. She joined Simon and gave a new vision.

“Democratize the vision of handicap by fashion”

By combining estheticism and technical skills in sanitized orthopedic devices, Simon & Amandine propose prosthesis and orthesis personalization services and pushing the frontiers of disability with one goal : let express personality and style of each fitted person.

“Because we see handicap as social, considering personality, taste, story of our users, everything that makes them unique are essential and drive our services.”

More than an orthopedic design studio, U-exist is a new way to see handicap, actor of evolution that defend a right for each fitted person : to rebuild, to express his individuality, his creativity and his feelings. With U-exist, the human being is the central value of their mission.

At Playtime Paris, some of the trend spaces' mannequins will wear customized U-exist prosthesis, make sure to check them out!


We let each person express their personality in the world.