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Trend Series - Be The Happiness

Now and then it's good to pause in
our pursuit of happiness and just be happy
-Guillaume Apollinaire

As a kid, happiness could be found around every corner, under every stone and within the stories made up every afternoon. Being a kid is not an easy job; to be able to find optimism without even looking for it is a task very few excel at.

This summer, we hunt within ourselves to find that child and bring it to the front line. We dance, we sing, we do everything we once thought was possible. We become kids, we become the joy we've wasted most of our adult life searching for. We become the happiness!

bobo choses

The SS20 collection of Bobo Choses draws us in with the most basic movement – dance. A Dance Romance transports us to a universe where we can lose ourselves in the rhythm to become joy and happiness. Dance teaches us to let go, and this summer we aim to find ourselves by letting go of what’s holding us back.

Instagram: @_bobochoses_


Made up of a palette full of optimism, Boboli gives us a tropical aqua adventure with sailor prints, pirate themes and fruity stamps! With happiness woven into the collection, Boboli ensures that summertime fun never comes to an end.

Instagram: @boboli_fashion

jelly mallow

If for some reason you’re unable to go on a picnic, fear not. Jelly Mallow brings the picnic to you! Sleeping under a tree in the afternoon sun never gets old. With Jelly Mallow’s new collection, every trip to the backyard will be nothing short of a picnic adventure – filled with doing nothing and everything all at once.

Instagram: @jellymallow_ms

ki et la

Ki ET LA takes us on a journey of narrative cinematic style with a touch of retro! A fresh collection with playful colors and strength that withstands even the harshest of falls, the unbreakable sun protection sunglasses, hats and anti-UV clothing is the perfect ensemble for all the water babies. While launching their 1st Made in France model in collaboration with Carole Tolila, these smartly designed, innovative and stylish pieces will surely highlight the laughter and splashes in the coming days.

Instagram: @kietlafrance

noé & zoë berlin

A sporty collection that takes inspiration from the Olympics is brought to you by Noé & Zoë Berlin to give you a playful summer! With their traditional stars, stripes and grids, the pieces are mixed with Olympic rings, clouds and animals that turn into athletes. With an aim to unite people from all over the world, Noé & Zoë introduces the much needed team spirit in all our sunny adventures.

Instagram: @noe__zoe
It's time to be the happiness, instead of trying to find it.