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The best kids gear for outdoor experiences

Fall will be here in a few days, so it's perfect timing to stock your store with a little outdoor gear for kids. Why not set up a special rainy day play area?
At Playtime Marketplace, we offer a wide range of high-quality, creative kids' outdoor clothing and footwear, including easy-to-carry waterproof coats, recycled mid-season jackets, super cute gumboots, essential fisherman's hats and kids' rashguards... and more.

Durable and creative, long-lasting and comfortable... we've handpicked our kids' outdoor line from the best kids' fashion designer brands to make sure their clothing is designed specifically to meet the needs of an active kid.

Be prepared to offer a successful outdoor experience to your customers!

Look for Rain Features with Muddy Puddles

Bring on the rain! Are you looking for the perfect garment for school, and to keep kids warm and dry as they explore the great outdoors during the colder months? Well, it's a good thing they did, because founded on a farm in Devon nearly 20 years ago, Muddy Puddles is a Playtime brand that's passionate about letting kids enjoy the great outdoors in all kinds of weather.

Muddy Puddles

Their classic Originals jacket featured here is waterproof and breathable, perfect for outdoor play and forest school. This jacket is part of the best-selling Originals collection, designed to keep young adventurers dry in any weather. Its convenient semi-elastic hood allows for head coverage for little ones. The jacket is unlined, so it can be worn comfortably over clothing. Waterproof, breathable, longer in the back, perfect for sitting on wet benches!
It's also machine washable, so it's easy to clean when it gets a little too muddy.

Muddy Puddles creates outerwear that inspires kids to step out into life with confidence and independence. That means the freedom to take risks, know your limits and use your imagination. 2021 is the year Muddy Puddles is making a greater commitment to its sustainability promise, and starting this fall, their clothing will use an eco-friendly, waterproof, fluoride-free Bionic finish.
The brand's products still offer exceptional technical performance, bright and bold unisex designs, and the bonus of durability and affordable pricing.

Check out the Muddy Puddles collection on the Playtime marketplace. Delivery in 2 to 10 days to your store!

Dress Kids in Layers with mimOOkids Barcelona

Kids can benefit from the same outdoor strategy we use—mixing and matching layers to adapt as conditions change. They should be able to simply put, add layers if they’re cold and shed them when they heat up.
This mimOOkids Barcelona’s jacket is a perfect middle layer.

mimOOkids Barcelona

It is a part of the Play-With-Me collection based on Items that can be personalized in a playful way. Puzzles & geometric figures that let the imagination fly! The funny velcro fasteners allow to create new forms and colour combinations. Cirrus pincel strokes, Apple, Rose, Sand, Cinnamon & Petrol are the main colours used in super soft organic cotton jerseys & sweats, corduray cardigans & trendy pants.

This recycled cotton shirt that we’ve chosen on the Playtime marketplace boosts the self-confidence and autonomy of children in the daily routine! The Close-Me system incorporates fasteners adapted to the age & development of the children. They are colour-coded to push the fine motor skills & colour learning.
• Colour-coded velcro fasteners up to 3 years age
• Colour-coded buttonholes from 3 years on
• Extra long, grow-with-me sleeves for a longer use

MimOOkids Barcelona is based in the Montessori Education of learning-by-doing. They promote the autonomy & learning process of the children by offering smart dressing solutions such as extra elastic collars.
All items are made 100% with sustainable materials and consciously made under high quality standards in family owned factories in Barcelona, Spain.

Discover the Play-with-me and Fruity collections now, available for immediate delivery to professional buyers on the Playtime marketplace. Delivered in 10 to 15 days to your store!

Accessorize the Extremities with Fairechild

In your selection of outdoor children's fashion, don't forget essentials like gloves, mittens, hats and warm socks, especially on cold days. Getting dressed to go out and play in nature can be a real human and creative experience when you turn to a committed and forward-thinking brand like Fairechild!


Realizing that in the face of change, our children have shown consistent fortitude, reminding us that any time spent outdoors, whether in a compact yard or an overgrown field, is a source of joy, Fairechild has created an AW21 collection of waterproof outerwear designed for daily contact with nature.

We have selected in this Fairechild AW21 collection, a fisherman hat and mittens. Two products 100% recycled, waterproof, windproof, machine washable, breathable, dirt repellant, made in Canada!


The Mitten is a 100% waterproof and gender-neutral solution for cold little hands. Layer with your own wool or fleece mitten for your required level of insulation as the seasons change. Extending to mid-forearm, these mittens will protect children’s hands and wrists from the rain and snow. Elastic keeps the fit snug.

The Sou'wester is styled after traditional fishers hats. A cutaway brim shields the face and provides extra coverage to the neck area. Thanks to Fairechild’s signature 100% waterproof fabric, the Sou'wester will protect children’s head and neck from the rain and snow. Made with an elastic to ensure that the fit is snug for children ages approximately three through ten.

Fairechild embraces a cradle-to-cradle philosophy; each of their garments is handcrafted from recycled materials and is completely recyclable. They aim to nurture joyous, mindful adventuring by providing responsibly made outerwear.

Have a look at their AW21 collection on the Playtime marketplace and choose from a range of cheerful, earthy hues in designs inspired by traditional workwear. Immediate delivery available.

Sell Clothing for Sun Protection with Solette

Kids have thinner, more sensitive skin than adults, so it’s important to think about their exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays any time they’re outdoors. Clothing is a very effective way to add protection, and buying clothes that have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating assures you of the protection it’s providing.


And guess what, we’ve just welcomed a new brand on the Playtime marketplace named Solette… and Solette's rashguard is a long-sleeved t-shirt with a ventral zip allowing children to put it on and take it off easily. They absolutely love this and it is perfect for both swimming and the outdoors!

And all you have to do is choose the pattern and color of the jackets you want to put in your window!
The flagship model of the Puffins sun safe swimwear line is a sailor shirt, a typical model of the French wardrobe, available in royal blue and water green punctuated by small puffins with coral beaks, which seem to play hide and seek between the stripes.
The fabric of the sun safe t-shirt comes from plastic bottle recycling and is made of 78% recycled polyester and 22% elastane. Items are certified UPF 50+& Oeko-Tex, and made in France.

If you couldn't make your choice in the models... take them all. They are available on the Playtime marketplace.

Be brilliant and safe with Swanmimi

When the days get shorter and the night sets in in the morning and evening, it's time to think about reflectivity for kids driving home from school. With today's technology, all it takes is a small logo or reflective piping on a jacket to make it highly visible when a pair of headlights sweep over it.


Japanese label Swanmimi launched its first collection in 2019, created by this brand concept from Japan's Yokohama.
"Fits you on rainy days, as well as on shiny days."
Swanmimi carefully chooses colors and shapes for the rainy season outfits. But their features are comfortable enough to wear whenever you want. The designs are fun, colorful and unisex.

The raincoat pictured here has a hood with a sheer and a removable brim. It also has a button on the back that makes it easy for kids to carry their backpacks and two small stars reflect the light at night for added safety.

The raincoat or poncho, the bag or reversible pockets and the umbrella are available in 6 different and trendy colors and patterns. Discover Swanmimi's collections on the Playtime marketplace. Delivery in less than 10 days in your store.

Get the Right Footwear with Anchor & Fox

For short hikes or on nice days, toddlers don't need boots to play outside, sneakers will do. But... as soon as it rains, what could be more fun than jumping into a puddle with both feet?
So to avoid coming home with wet socks, it's best to choose a pair of rain boots.

Anchor & Fox

Playtime has been working with the children's shoe brand Anchor & Fox for a long time. A brand known for creating classically beautiful genuine leather shoes inspired by European design. But a brand that also presents a collection of super trendy gumboots!

Tired of boots without fantasy and creation? Want to present a pretty, arty showcase for fall? Anchor's gumboots are created from designs commissioned for them and hand printed by Australian artists. The AW21 gumboots are cotton-lined and have a pull tab. They feature a hand-painted design and a padded insole.
The light blue model features Australian bush animals, the green model features an Australian native design and the blue model features a vintage hot air balloon print.

Anchor & Fox is a Melbourne based children's footwear boutique focused on classic design using genuine materials, believing in creating designs that are classically timeless, and will wear beautifully.

Start your shopping at Anchor's Playtime store. AW21 gumboots and wonderland sneakers collections are available for immediate delivery