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Tea party essentials

Picnic season is over, which means it’s time to take playtime indoors and have tea parties instead! There are so many things that are necessary for the perfect tea party - Gorgeous outfits, the right setting, tableware, and great friends to share the tea with! In this selection, we have gathered the best brands to create the ideal tea party! Several of them have products available for immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace, and others have their new collections up! Some brands will be exhibiting their AW22 collections at Playtime Paris in January and others will be at Playtime and Kid’s Hub New York in February. Either way, these brands have everything you need to dress little ones, give them company, and create the perfect ambience for all the tea parties this season!

Let’s get ready for our tea party!

girl's tea party dress
girl's tea party dress

These dresses from Marais Sky are tulle dreams come true! Designed for little girls that like to merge contemporary and classical styles, Marais Sky creates gorgeous dresses that are perfect for tea parties! Little ones will love putting these dreamy garments on to sip tea like true princesses!
Come discover their AW22 collection at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York February 13-15, 2022!

girl's tea party dress
girl's tea party dress

For girls with a bolder, brightly colored style, Angel’s Face has the perfect pieces! The British are famous for their love of tea, and Angel’s Face sure knows how to design garments to drink it in! Their colorful and elegant pieces will make girls feel like they are ready to take tea at Buckingham Palace with the queen!
Discover their latest collection at Playtime Paris or Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!

girl's tea party jumpsuit
girl's tea party shirt

For girls with a more casual style, Risu.Risu has the perfect tea party pieces! Subtle ruffles, floral prints, and girly silhouettes that are comfortable and cute, these are the characteristics of Risu.Risu’s new collection available on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace! Kids will love being free to move around and pour tea for themselves and their friends!
Come discover Risu.Risu’s AW22 collection at Playtime Paris, and find their SS22 collection here!

kid's tea party toy
kid's tea party toy

Hand-sewn friends from Knit a Buddy are the perfect company for tea parties! Since each little buddy is put together piece by piece, no two are exactly the same, just like human friends. Perfect for cuddling or conversing with, Knit a Buddy makes great guests that are as ethical as they are cute!
Offer them in your store quickly with immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace!

kid's tea party doll
kid's tea party doll

Dolls are classic company for tea parties, and these ones from Maison Urbi are no exception! Designed to be more inclusive, Urbidolls are made with high quality materials and have a slight vanilla scent. They offer dolls that are as diverse as real friends, creating a tea party that is open to everyone!
They will be exhibiting their collection at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!

kid's tea party doll
kid's tea party doll

Each doll from Dumyé comes with their Karmic Goodness® promise - to respect Mother Nature, show compassion to our fellow humans, and give back meaningfully to children in need. This promise and their hand-crafted individuality make these dolls the best addition to any tea party! Sweet and simple, little ones will love sharing their treats and tea with Dumyé dolls!
Discover their latest collection at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!

kid's tea party decor
kid's tea party decor

A wooden tea set, a teepee, and this adorable stool from Antsi come together to create the ideal environment for a tea party! Providing a cozy space to relax and discuss the importance of new crayon colors and the latest family movie is crucial for the perfect tea party! Antsi has all the products you need to give kids a magical place to sip tea and enjoy tasty treats with their friends!
Their new collection is up on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace, and you can discover their booth at Playtime Paris in January!

kid's tea party bib placemat
kid's tea party plate

Last but not least, Kindsgut has everything parents need to keep the tea party from becoming too messy! The cloud placemat, divided plate, and ecological silicon bib are cute yet functional, the perfect combination for a clean and fun tea party! Kids will love the subtle shapes and soft tones of these pieces, while parents will love not having to clean up a mess!
Have these essentials in your store quickly with immediate delivery!

Which pieces will you include at your ideal tea party?