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Take a trip to Asia with these brands

Unique design details and encouraging imagination are the core ideals of these Asian brands. Despite coming from the very different countries of Japan, South Korea, and China, they all have these concepts in mind. Some of them have collections available for immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace, enabling you to have them in your store quickly! Others will join us at Playtime Shanghai, where you can discover their latest collections in summer 2022! Regardless of where you find them or how you incorporate these brands into your product offering, their interesting and exciting designs are an asset in any store!

Let’s take a trip to the Asian continent and discover these brands!

kid's fashion raincoat
kid's fashion rainboots

Swanmimi is a Japanese brand that makes apparel to fit kids on rainy days, as well as shiny days! Carefully chosen colors mix with magical shapes and prints to make the perfect outfit. Swanmimi’s pieces are original and extremely comfortable, making them pleasing to parents and kids! Be unique and adopt Japanese style with the rain ponchos or reversible bags. Their collections are truly pieces of art with names like Sweet drawing, Twinkle stars, Lemon and lime, City lights, and Border mint that one can’t help but adore! Keep little ones dry in Swanmimi!
Find their artistic collections available for immediate delivery here!

KOKACHARM (South Korea)
girl's fashion socks
girl's fashion dress

At Kokacharm they don’t just design clothes, they design a story. This label from South Korea seeks to communicate what a mother wants to talk to her child about, to deliver a story and happiness through their products. With a range of items, from socks and underwear to loungewear and facemasks, they provide little ones with everyday essentials. Kids will love the playful colors and comfortable fits, while parents will appreciate the quality and durability of Kokacharm. Help establish an environment full of creativity and color with their garments!
They have several collections available for immediate delivery, find them here!

DOU? (Japan)
kid's wooden toy
kid's wooden toy

This brand began by asking the question “dou?” which means “how” in Japanese. From there, Dou? was formed! They want to encourage children’s unlimited imagination and natural curiosity, to encourage them to keep asking questions. Striving to light up ideas and ensure their toys will be connected with fond childhood memories, Dou? designs products that are functional and encourage communication between parents and their children. They assume questions are the start of connection between child and parent, and want to help facilitate them!
Explore their products available for immediate delivery here!

kid's fashion
kid's fashion

Bonbon et Bonbon is a Chinese brand that conveys the true spirit of the elite through everyday kidswear! Drawing inspiration from both Eastern and Western artwork, they create a spirit of lively childhood through impactful colors and exciting patchwork. They believe in elegant designs that aren’t fully influenced by trends. Merging design with fine, textured fabrics and art-inspired colors, Bonbon et Bonbon creates suitable clothes for children 2-12 years-old to wear daily! These simply stunning pieces are perfect staples to add to children’s wardrobes.
Come discover their latest collection at Playtime Shanghai in summer 2022!

kid's fashion skirt
kid's fashion pants

Fashionable and casual are the best words to describe Nunuforme! Highly original patterns and truly unique cuts that are rarely used in children's fashion are two of the features that make this brand stand out. This Japanese label is cutting-edge, extravagant, and made of the highest quality materials. Their latest collections merge contemporary and modern Japanese style! Kids and parents will love the originality and comfort of their clothes. Help children stand out by dressing them uniquely with garments by Nunuforme!
Learn more about Nunuforme and keep an eye out for their next collection on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace!

Which Asian labels will you be adding to your selection?

Did you enjoy discovering these incredible brands?
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