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Start the New Year with Self-Care

We can all agree the past few years have been a bit stressful, which is why it is so important to take care of ourselves, our little ones, and our planet as best we can. Essential oils, perfume, personal care, and beauty products are all great ways to teach kids to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of themselves. These types of products are becoming more important to offer in your store, especially as parenting styles like Montessori increase in popularity and encourage children to be more independent in their self-care. To introduce you to the children’s wellness universe, we’ve made a selection of some brands you can shop now on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace, as well as some that will be at Playtime Paris January 29-31 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York February 13-15!

Check out these amazing brands developing self-care products for little ones!

children's essential oils

Having decided to change the approach taken to kid’s wellness and health care, Lithuanian brand You & Oil creates products by choosing what nourishes and strengthens. By incorporating dialogues with scientists and natural intuition into their products, You & Oil develops skincare and wellness products derived from organic plants, essential oils, and plant extracts. Their You & Oil KI collection of bioactive mixtures with essential oils that stimulate the body’s natural powers to restore itself are especially important for healthy little ones! All You & Oil products come from essential oils and oil extracts, making them organic and vegan, and their packaging is 95% plastic free. This eco-conscious brand has the concept of a nurturing relationship with nature at its core. Encourage natural remedies that are good for children and the environment with wellness products from You & Oil!
Explore their collection available for immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid's Hub Marketplace!

kid's natural skincare

After being taught the importance of healthy skin as a child, when she became a mother herself the founder of OUATE couldn't find what she wanted to keep her children's skin safe from an increasingly polluted world. So she gathered a team of experts to help her create OUATE! With a natural approach to skincare, OUATE products are designed specifically for children aged 4 to 11. At this age, children no longer want to use baby skincare products, but are too young for teenage products. OUATE was created to specifically serve the needs of this in-between age group! Free from allergenic ingredients, pediatric and dermatology tested, and adapted to different stages of development, OUATE is the missing link in children's skincare development! Keep little one's skin healthy and hydrated by adding their products to your store!
Come meet OUATE and shop their products at Playtime Paris January 29-31!

children's organic skincare

Ëtnoo means “no” to ethnic differentiation, by creating skincare products for kids and babies that honor the skin and its many colors and types. Swiss engineered and produced, Ëtnoo respects the natural balance of skin, while still protecting it from environmental and digital influences that can damage or agitate it. Using high quality ingredients to create light textures, Ëtnoo’s formulas have been carefully developed to provide a toolkit for skin to protect itself, free from micro-plastics and palm oil. With gender neutral scents, biodegradable and vegan standards, Ëtnoo makes products that are safe for the whole family and the planet. This brand is new, with more exciting products to come as they develop and expand their business. Add Ëtnoo to your store and be an early adopter of their exceptional products!
Find their new collection in the SINGULAR selection at Playtime Paris!

children's personal care

Founded by a mother of three in search of natural and effective babycare products, French brand Babybulles creates products that are harmless, effective, and respectful of the planet! At Babybulles, they believe in quality over quantity and natural over artificial. With help from experts and environmental specialists, Babybulles creates products that contain ingredients from natural origins that are safe for babies. These organic ingredients make their products hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty free. With a range of products from cleansing gel to body wash, Babybulles has everything parents need to keep newborns clean and healthy! While even Montessori raised babies can’t exactly take self-care into their hands, Babybulles is sure to please even the most sensitive skin!
Find their products available for immediate delivery here!

children's organic fragrance

Made for children ages 5 and up, fragrances from Confetti Blue are must-haves for your store! This Australian brand has scents that are sweet enough to eat, and safe to ingest for curious little ones that sneak a spray without their parents around! Confetti Blue specializes in kid’s fragrances, so they can make the most exceptional product that is non-toxic and safe. With several types of scents, kids are sure to find their favorite fragrance, whether they prefer fruity scents or dessert themed ones! With BPA free. recyclable plastic containers, there is no risk of little ones breaking glass if they drop the perfume. Children will love having their own fragrance, and parents will be comforted to know that all Confetti Blue products are safe for their kids to use and enjoy! With a two hour fragrance life, little ones will smell and feel great!
Come place orders with Confetti Blue at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!

kid's safe personal care

Inspired directly by Montessori teaching methods, Lilikiwi is specifically designed to encourage children to take their personal hygiene into their own little (but capable) hands! With simple formulas that never include more than eight ingredients, French brand Lilikiwi creates products that are from 100% natural origins. The result of a scientist and an artistic mother coming together to develop something they were searching for, Lilikiwi products are tested and safe for children to use, making personal hygiene a more fun and independent activity. Enable children to be autonomous in their self-care, while reassuring parents they can do so safely, with products from Lilikiwi in your store!
Another of our SINGULAR selection for Playtime Paris, come meet Lilikiwi at the end of January!

child safe cosmetics

What better way to treat little ones to some self-care than a spa day or a makeover? Whichever kids prefer, Miss Nella has the perfect products! Originating from the idea of peel-off nail polish for hard working women, this brand from the United Kingdom realized who really needs such a product is children! After their success with this less expensive alternative to traditional nail polish, Miss Nella realized that it was also important for children to have their own makeup. Adult makeup is too harsh for their fragile skin, so Miss Nella developed a makeup range tailored to the needs of children's skin. Miss Nella’s motto is “Designed for kids, loved by all!” With a product assortment ranging from nail polish to accessories like a makeup suitcase and nail dryer, it suits their company perfectly. Miss Nella has everything kids need to experiment with cosmetics that are safe for them to use!
Head to Playtime Paris to shop Miss Nella!

children's personal care

Chouette Paris’ goal is to help parents in daily life by proposing safe, simple products with timeless formulas to keep the whole family clean and healthy! With eco-friendly packaging to preserve natural resources, Chouette Paris products preserve the planet, environment, and the health of those that use them. They are made in the heart of the Provence region of France, where they tap into the know-how and traditions of French ateliers. Synthetics are never a part of the formula. All Chouette Paris products are clean, green, and vegan. By using simple formulas, they make it easy for parents to know what is washing their little ones and that it is safe for even the most sensitive skin types. With aesthetically pleasing bottles and clean ingredients, Chouette Paris makes bath time more fun for kids and parents!
Meet them in Paris January 29-31 to see their products for yourself!

kid's personal care

Drawing inspiration from the beauty and purity of the Swiss Alps, skincare products from Marelle will help babies and children stay clean and healthy! With natural, smooth textures, recyclable packaging, and formulas that respect even the most delicate skin, Marelle makes products that are safe to use from birth. Children will love the soft floral scents, making bath time a comforting and calming experience. From shampoo to lotions, Marelle has everything to give baby and children’s skin the soothing attention it deserves. Made in Switzerland with certified organic materials, Marelle is a result of a mother collaborating with a laboratory to bottle the best of nature and Switzerland’s highly preserved environment for children around the world to enjoy!
Join Marelle at Playtime Paris to see their latest collection and place orders for your store!

kid's organic fragrance

Born with the mission to develop high quality, clean, natural baby and kid’s fragrances, American brand Boiess Colognes came to be! With scents inspired by the calming Mediterranean region like white blossom and lavender, Boiess Colognes creates unisex fragrances that are dermatologically tested to make sure they are safe for little ones. Infusing their products with probiotics and Vitamin B3 that enhance freshness and their ingredients' natural properties ensures the highest level of quality control for all Boiess Colognes. Kids will love feeling sophisticated with these subtle scents and mature bottles. With plants at the base of their products, Boiess Colognes are cruelty and Gluten free, making them perfectly safe for all skin types and kind to the environment. Perfume is a great way to treat little ones to a daily dose of self-care, making Boiess Colognes perfect in any store!
Come connect with them at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York!

kid's personal hygiene

No single-use plastic, exclusively natural formulas, delivered directly to doorsteps. products are a perfect solution to personal care items for the whole family! Made in Europe with clean ingredients, this French company is offering a solution to the world’s single-use plastic problem. With plastic free refills, their personal care ranges from hand soap to refillable deodorant. Designed to make a happy change in how we consume hygiene products, is an up-and-coming brand not to be missed! Little ones will love their colorful reusable containers, while parents will love the reduced impact on the environment. Please the whole family by adding products to your selection!
Meet this innovative new brand in the SINGULAR stand at Playtime Paris!

children's personal care

French brand Poupon has everything for newborns and older to keep their skin hydrated and clean. With simple formulas and soft odors like orange flower and white musk that resemble children’s natural scents, Poupon’s assortment will calm sensitive skin and busy minds. Their products include lotion, body wash, cleansing water, hydrating cream, and light fragrances created without the use of alcohol. With recyclable containers made from cane sugar and recycled packaging, Poupon does what they can to be eco-responsible in order to guarantee a healthy planet for future generations. Their colorful labels will inspire children to be more hands-on with their personal hygiene, while simple formulas reassure parents these products are safe for their little ones! Pamper children with natural products from Poupon!
Place orders with Poupon at Playtime Paris January 29-31!

child safe cosmetics

A line of children’s beauty products specially formulated for their sensitive skin and playfully packaged, Rosajou has everything kids need to have fun with cosmetics! With waterproof nail polish, shea butter and castor oil enriched balm lipsticks, powder blushes, glittery body cream, and soy ink temporary tattoos, little ones will love testing out the wide range of Rosajou products! They are all vegan, made in France, and dermatologically tested to ensure they will not irritate any skin type. Rosajou products are never tested on animals, and come in recyclable packaging so they are great for kids and the environment. With fun, playful colors and products that are adapted specifically for children, Rosajou has everything necessary for kids to have fun with beauty!
Come shop Rosajou’s variety of products at Playtime Paris!

children organic skincare

The expert dermo-cosmetic brand Terre Éternelle was created by three biologists who, after becoming parents, decided to develop a skincare line for children ages 3 to 10. This age group has skin with very specific needs, and this French brand seeks to address all of them! With a cocktail of natural ingredients that was developed over two years, Terre Éternelle has exactly what children need to protect their skin form daily agitation and irritants. Terre Éternelle's Hydra-cocoon line has been specifically designed to maximize hydration and maintain healthy skin. The three founders' fascination with the skin's capacity to adapt and evolve as kids grow enabled these biologists to create products perfectly tailored to this age range. Add Terre Éternelle products to your store to serve the needs of little one's skin!
Find their booth at Playtime Paris in January!

Which products will you offer to teach kids about self-care and wellness?