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Skype with Zoe Adlersberg #1

Kristin Nystrom, designer of Gardner and the gang

We're starting a brand new heading with kid's fashion photographer Zoe Adlersberg!
She will regularly invite a children's fashion designer to talk on Skype to get to know them and their brand better. First one to begin is Kristin Nystrom , designer of Gardner and the gang.

ZA : Can you tell us what inspired your current collection? 
KN : Our move to a new continent (from Singapore to Dubai). And the challenges that meant.

ZA : If you had to define the collection in 5 words what words would you choose?
KN : New ideas, fresh start fun

ZA : Is there one image from your mood board or your sketches that you feel summarizes or embodies the collection?
KN : Not really possible to sumarise in one image just the thought and believe in your own self worth and capability means everything when challenges are in the pipeline.

ZA : How did you start thinking about this collection? Do you remember where you were when you had the seed of the idea and how it began?
KN : I knew when our family got the message we would move to a new country that this would be a very emotional journey and that emotions always caters for creativity one way or another.

ZA : How would you define your brand?
KN : Comfortable and playful FASHION for Children.

ZA : When you create images/photos for the collection - how do you choose and work with your team? What is important to you that the images convey? If you had to hire any photographer in the world to shoot your campaign (and money is no issue), who would it be and why?
KN : It is important for me that the images shows what children are like. Not to made up or too much. But still has a very strong fashion sense and are a lot of fun. A very fine line. I would think it would be very interesting to work with Peter Lindbergh. simply because he IS fashion photography and has such an AMAZING portfolio and knowledge and edge.

ZA : How did you start as a kids clothing designer? 
KN : I am a graphic designer with a big interest in fashion and when I had my first daughter the step of taking my illustrations on to fabric that could be made in to clothes that she could wear was a lot of fun. And has been fun since. I do not feel like I am working. I love my job.

ZA : Who inspires you? Designers? Artists? People?
KN : Yes, yes and Yes. People and culture most of all. I think that by listening to peoples opinions and thoughts you gain SO MUCH when it comes to creativity.
⁃ Le Corbusier and what his designs has done to furniture design.
⁃ Rick Owens
⁃ Hedi Slimane
⁃ Alessandro Michele

ZA : Do you look at magazines for trends or inspiration? If so, which ones?
KN : I look at many magazines and I ready newspapers and collect all of the info into a new idea. Happenings in the world in something that makes me want to create. For example a very strong memory is when the tragedy at Charlie Hebdo happened in Jan 2015 that made me think of why human kind has such an urge to differentiate people from each other. That made me want to create Land of no Difference. (ss 2016). I also love fashion magazines like Italian Vogue and also Milk and Papier Mache and La Petite magazine.

ZA : How do you see your brand evolving in the coming years - what would you like to see it become?
KN : I would love to be more established as a fashion brand and continue to try and spread messages with the collections.

ZA : What do you do to nourish your creativity/resource yourself?
KN : Take little breaks and let myself open my mind. Go for walks and explore new areas

ZA : What do you do in your spare time?
KN : Hang out with my 2 girls and husband, work out when I have time and have coffees with my friends.

ZA : Where in the world are you happiest? Please describe where you are and what you are doing.
KN : At home I think.I love being with my family in Sweden where I feel safe and secure. I also love travelling to new places and explore. To meet new people that I click with really gives me energy.

ZA : Do your kids influence your work at all? Do they give feedback about your designs?
KN : Yes I find that the styles and fabrics that they like is also the styles that does well. I think kids just know what they like and don't and that is pretty universal.

ZA : List 6 things that are important to you...
KN : Family, Love, Health, Friends, Sunshine

Check out Gardner and the gang latest collection :


Kristin Nystrom : designer of Gardner and the gang
It is important for me that the images shows what children are like. Not to made up or too much. But still has a very strong fashion sense and are a lot of fun.
Kristin Nystrom , designer of Gardner and the gang