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Skincare for babies - What to expect

Choosing the best skincare products for kids can be a challenging task. Parents tend to be pickier when choosing their kid's skincare and they're totally right! Brands propose us lots of choices and it's a thing to choose the safest and nicest skin routine products for kids.

We made a list of the main specificities and features to take into account while shopping for those products!

1. Dermatologically-tested

How does one check if a product is efficient before buying it? By making sure that the products are being considered for the baby are dermatologically tested! This brand from our marketplace serves this exact purpose: Dandydill is dermatologically tested and approved for children from 6 months. Their gentle and mild formulations respect and protect the skin's natural pH balance.

2. Give importance to quality over quantity.

When it comes to buying baby products, we know parents wouldn’t want to compromise on quality at that fragile age. Babybulles is a big believer in the quality over quantity thing. All ingredients used in their product are completely safe for little ones. Baby's well-being can be trusted in the hands of Babybulles.

3. Non-Toxic ingredients

Carelia Petite Natural Care is designed with great care and attention. You won’t find toxins like parabens, sulfates, colorants, mineral oils, phthalates, or other substances that can be harmful to children and that is one of the most crucial things in the decision-making process while shopping for kids skincare.

4. Organic, Clean and Green

A lot of chemical-laden products may tempt parents but it is your choice to provide them with the right product for their infants and a wise choice would be going for natural products, of course. Chouette Paris's biological formulas do not contain synthetic molecules (phenoxyethanol, parabens..) They only use organic or mostly natural ingredients in their products.

5. Non-irritant Materials

The bioactive mixtures of essential oils You & Oil, which stimulate the body’s powers to restore health. Everything they make is based on oil extracts or essential oils that do not cause irritation because their products have been developed only from organic plants, essential oils, and plant extracts.

Don't forget to include these skincare products in your shop so that parents can have the perfect skincare routine for their kids.