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Rendez-vous with these sustainable brands at Playtime New York

Sustainability is an important value here at Playtime, which is why we like to highlight the inspirational brands leading the way for this cause! Here we have a selection of four brands doing just that, who you can meet in person February 13-15 at Playtime & Kid's Hub New York. Mon Coeur, Molo, UAUA Collections, and Koalav set great examples of the different ways to consciously produce kidswear. They are perfect sources of inspiration for other brands looking to be more sustainable, and a must-have addition in any store!

Let's explore ways we can all do our part to preserve our planet for the little ones we love to dress.

children's eco-friendly fashion
kid's sustainable fashion

With the motto "Kid's clothing that lasts, so the planet does too," it's not surprising that Mon Coeur is the first brand we're featuring on this list! With their New Again program, they offer customers 40% off their next purchase for sending used baby and kid's clothes to Mon Coeur. They repurpose and up-cycle these used clothes to avoid waste going to landfills or energy being used to create new garments from scratch. By deconstructing the collected clothes to their base form of yarn, they are able to create entirely new garments. Their products are produced and sourced within Europe, to keep transportation emissions as low as possible while also ensuring traceability and accountability of practices at their manufacturers. All of their fabrics are made from recycled materials, notably their Natulon TM zippers that are made with 91% recycled yarns and plastic bottles and their recycled paper buttons fabricated from 93% recycled paper and recycled thermosetting fillers. Mon Coeur has partnered with 5Gyres Institute, an organization leading the movement towards a zero waste, sustainable future based on a circular economy. Through this partnership, Mon Coeur participates in "trash blitz" aimed at cleaning up plastics from coasts. They also collaborate with 1% For the Planet, and pledge 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment. Through these amazing efforts, Mon Coeur lives up to their motto, and produces beautiful collections that are great for children and the environment!
Be sure to meet them at Playtime & Kid's Hub New York!

children's eco-friendly fashion
kid's sustainable fashion

Scandinavian brand Molo's goal is to be the favorite sustainable choice of clothing children reach for in their wardrobes. With their incredible practices, this is not a hard goal for them to achieve! Molo has expansive resources on their website for curious consumers to dive into their sustainable practices and ambitions. They exclusively sell GOTS and OCS certified products, and are certified in both as a company. By controlling every segment of production they ensure responsibility throughout their supply chain, and they only work with suppliers that have agreed to and signed the 10 principles laid out by the UN Global Compact to guarantee the safety of their workers. Their products are created with high quality materials and functional design to provide durable clothing for children ages 0 to 16. On their site, Molo has details of the goals they set for themselves to achieve within the next year such as using 60% recycled materials for their outerwear collections. At Molo, they never use animal products that can be harmful and regularly have their products tested in independent laboratories to ensure their safety from chemicals or fire hazards. They use recycled or reusable packaging that can be resealed for returns and require their manufacturers ship products exclusively in recycled or FSC certified cardboard. With a list of ways to consume more consciously, Molo encourages their customers to take responsibility for their part in a sustainable society. Molo's practices and transparency are truly inspirational, and the collections they produce are breathtaking and versatile while being minimally damaging to the planet.
Check out their booth in New York, where you can discover their collections for yourself!

children's eco-friendly fashion
kid's sustainable fashion

UAUA Collections draws inspiration from travel for their designs, especially from Peru where the founders fell in love with Pima cotton. The key to their vision is durability and quality, and from this base they create baby and toddler clothing lines of simple styles and gender neutral colors exclusively in comfortable Pima cotton. Designing in Antwerp, Belgium and producing in Peru, each piece is cut and sewn by hand in a mother/daughter owned production factory that is specialized in small batch collections. The Pima cotton is ethically sourced, and all of their products are colored with eco-friendly dyes. By using materials that are natural, their garments are long lasting and maintain their quality through the many washings they go through as baby and toddler clothes! UAUA Collections include detailed care instructions on their products and their website to ensure that customers do their part in making the garments last. UAUA Collections is always working to reduce their carbon footprint and innovate ways to lower the impact of their products. Through these natural processes, the collections they produce are free to become heirloom items that are passed down, bringing the soft, comforting Pima cotton garments to generations of children.
Visit UAUA Collections at Playtime & Kid's Hub New York to feel this amazing fabric in person!

children's eco-friendly fashion
kid's sustainable fashion

The self-proclaimed earth conscious brand Koalav designs versatile collections sustainably. Their products are truly timeless, as they don't reflect any season or area of the world specifically. This allows them to suit all children, anytime and anywhere. All of their garments are made in GOTS and Eco-Tex certified factories that have clean and conscious working conditions. They thoroughly and regularly check these factories to guarantee the safety of their workers and the quality of their products. Koalav is proud of producing garments that are soft, yet durable and that are well proportioned designs that fit every child. They are motivated by nature and simplicity, and the beauty that comes from both. Koalav strives to make clothing that enables kids to feel safe, comfortable, and confident as they go about their daily routines, while maintaining an environment for them that is clean and protected. Koalav's designs are unique, while being wearable for children today and tomorrow.
Save-the-date to meet them in New York February 13-15!

It is up to all of us in the fashion industry to help preserve and protect the planet our little ones will inherit. It's important to dress them well now, in clothes that guarantee a clean and healthy environment for their future.

Join us at Playtime & Kid's Hub New York to discover all the amazing sustainable brands from both Playtime and Kid's Hub, so you can add garments to your store that dress children in style and sustainability!