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Newborn baby essentials - you don't want to miss

What are the two big dreams of parents who are expecting a child? Telling stories and dressing their baby.
Shopping for the unborn baby is a crucial time for all parents. And when the newborn is here, it is often a real pleasure to find the prettiest little clothes.

But what really guides the parents' choice in their purchases? How can you offer them the best selection of baby clothes in your store?

Obviously, it is above all a matter of personal taste. But more and more parents are demanding, aware that the clothing of the newborn is not only to make the prettiest birth photo. A good selection of children's clothing to offer in a boutique should take into account the commitment of brands in ecology, the choice of organic materials, it should also offer simple and easy clothes, and finally, parents will always be looking for a soft and timeless cocoon that reminds the layette knitted by our grandmothers.

Guess what, we have all these brands and many more on the Playtime marketplace. Let us introduce them to you!


Babies are at a very fragile age when they just arrive in the world and these brands from Playtime Marketplace offers clothes and accessories that are planet-friendly such as:

Bayiri is an eco-friendly brand, handcrafted in Spain. They use the softest GOTS certified Organic Cotton Yarn which is made to last for a longer period of time. They create sustainable non-seasonal products without gender stereotypes.

Lah Lan's products are made from organic and recycled materials. Their primary mission is to give a sustainable message to newborns and their families. Their brand universe is all about unisex, earthy color pieces and timeless design, with room for movement and play.

Lah Lan

Bebénca is a premium organic baby clothing brand, certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The brand's universe speaks for itself, which is sustainability, and premium quality fabrics are one of the important factors in decision making.

All the materials are created especially for newborn babies, in organic cotton of impeccable quality, for soft and comfortable clothes. Lililotte is known for its high-quality fabrics and warm colors.

Bebenca Organics


The clothes for the newborn must be comfortable for them and for the parent too. They have to change diaper 10 times a day so having easy-to-wear clothes is a no-brainer here. The following brands offer the most smooth, delicate, and easy to carry outfits for the little ones.

Bonjour Little's collection is inspired by the Californian effortless style. They are hassle-free and can be used day and night. The collection speaks for itself easy to wear and easy to take out.

It's been 15 years since Petit Oh have started their journey and since then parents are loving them. Their motto is to care for and caressing the skin of little ones with smooth, delicate, and soft Pima Cotton.

Bonjour Little
Petit Oh

Petit Kolibri outfits shouts minimalism but meaningful, with a range of authentic, organic, and natural clothing and accessories for babies. Instead of printing, they manage textures and textile patterns with different weaving techniques which makes clothes more special.

Tiny people: Bonnet maker. They believe that the question of authenticity is the more important one. They are not reinventing the wheel, but they can take a product and become experts in quality. Their clothes are easy-to-wear and super comfy.

Petit Kolibri
Tiny People


It's a tradition for a newborn to be able to curl up in a soft and comforting woolen garment. And even though knitting and crocheting are coming back into fashion, unfortunately, there is not always a granny knitting around. Take a look at the three brands we've selected. They offer such a delicate range of layettes!

Tun tun: offering a minimal modern style that is versatile and timeless. The outfit gives the perfect hug, the smoothness and lustrous quality of the fiber provide children and babies the comfort they need at this early age.

Wedoble: a reference in comfort and well-being, known for its classic, sophisticated and modern design. They put focus on the detailing and finishing of each piece as if granny has knit it.

Apero knit factory: A Siberian brand that keeps a warm atmosphere of confidence, respect and develops its knit experience already for the second generation.

Apero Knit Factory
Tun Tun