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Mum & Kid - Twin Flames (Matching Outfits)

Discover the best matching outfits for mother and daughters!

So here are the 7 head-turning outfits from our Playtime Marketplace to keep them in your store this season and give all the mothers the opportunity to match with their kids like a pro.

Claude and Co

1] Claude & Co.

Their outfits are designed to be unisex and non-seasonal, perfect for a mother to choose for their daughter, son, and herself. We love how they predominantly choose a neutral color for their all-year long collection which pushes with unexpected unisex color and long-lasting great organic and sustainably sourced fabric.

The outfits from their collection are perfect yet comfortable for day-to-day life.


2] Baybala

A dress that can handle a little mess - Baybala. We are totally on board with this outfit. Easy yet stylish, without any compromise. This one will be adorned by both mom and daughter without any doubt.

Katie, the founder of Baybala, settled into motherhood and began to fill her child’s and her own closet for their new life together, she realized that she couldn’t find pieces that she loved for her child or for herself, hence the brand has been born. At Baybala, they make beautifully crafted clothing that considers the demands and realities of mom life.

Napaani Organic

3] Napaani Organic

Napaani organic is born from the dream of a mom and a grandma to create a new children's fashion brand that reflects a natural way of life.

Vintage silhouettes in lovely fabrications including 100% natural and organic sustainable materials for the most precious little ones- all any mother need to have their mini-me version.

B & T

4] B & T

Discover their pieces that are timeless and sophisticated with the utmost quality, focusing on knitwear and natural yarns exclusively. Cashmere deservedly meets the taste of those who truly valued moderation in luxury.

This French sustainable matching knitwear brand is all about matching styles, colors, or embroideries. Their motto: "Goodbye virgin cashmere, welcome regenerated cashmere, ethical and circular production made in Italy"

Big Little Ones

5] Big Little Ones

Today's special moments become tomorrow’s memories- inspired by this quote the founders dreamt of a brand that would become the setting where these special moments will be created and having the perfect matching outfit definitely adds to it.

Fun colors, creative silhouettes, and having the courage to try something more subversive are the brand's universe.

Risu Risu

6] Risu Risu

French eco-responsible brand for kids and mothers. They produce their own jersey which is made out of 100% organic fabric.

Have a look on their amazing matching mother – child products!

Tiny Bunny

7] Tiny Bunny

Twin like a pro. The matching outfits from Tiny Bunny are fantastic. All of their items are hand-made and rom natural materials.
A great addition to the collections are prints- made from hand-drawn illustrations.

Have you decided yet which one is your favorite among all?