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“Lovely day... lovely day...” Sum up by Lemon Magazine

“Lovely day... lovely day...” that’s how our morning started off with the PLAYLIST OF THE DAY and one of our favourites Bill Withers. Nothing better than a good boogie to some old time classics! Thanks PLAYTIME!

We thoroughly enjoyed Sebastien from PLAYTIME and Clare from BELLA DIOSA’s chat about the childrenswear market and what comes with it. Clare is a well travelled woman with a very creative streak which we found enchanting. There’s no mass buying of fast fashion at BELLA DIOSA and Clare’s motto is to buy better, buy less and keep your child unique to their individuality.

KINDA magazine chose LIILU as their favourite lookbook of the day. A minimalist, organic, oversized kind of brand which emphasises romanticism and long summer days hanging out with friends in hammocks. Basically the dream brand we all want to be!

Next we skipped into EARNSHAW’S MASTERCLASS on how to get back to business especially after the year we’ve had. You’ve guessed it, it’s one to listen to through and through as they had great tips on how to continue ploughing through with positivity and perseverance.

Here at LEMON we all loved JULIE HERMANT “respiration” slot. Her work as a textile designer is one that we are in awe of. Using patterns, colours and prints to make clothes come to life is one of life’s great wonders.

We adore KATIE from PIROUETTE blog and of course Aleksandra from RASPBERRY PLUM, another one of our favourite brands! Both full of hope, colour and the right sassy attitude. They had a great chat with Shana from SHAN AND TOAD, a brand buyer who obviously knows what she’s talking about, baby!

Last but not least, MILK presented us with their brand of the day, for their GREEN AWARD, which goes to BEBE ORGANIC. We’ve just written about this gorgeous brand on the NEWS section of the LEMON WEBSITE so I hope you’ll jump over there to give it a read!

Same place, same time tomorrow? Yes please! We’ve loved living day two with you and can’t wait to celebrate day 3 and the final day tomorrow! Shall we pop some champagne together too?