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Joey is taking its first steps at Playtime Paris!

Focus on a young brand presenting its collection for the very first time at Playtime Paris. We asked some questions to Joey's founder, Lucie Lheureux.

When did Joey's adventure start? Why did you want to start your own business?
My main motivation was to start a business in which I can design my own products and express my passion. Plus, creating an ethical and sustainable clothing brand was also very important to me.
Born in the North of France, I grew up in Italy. I have worked for an international company at the end of my studies as a business development manager. I have always wanted to go back to basics, i.e. design, while putting my knowledge on business and marketing to good use in my own company. Joey summarizes all these parts of me.

Tell us a bit about the name, why JOEY?
In Australia, Joey means "little kangaroo". The adventure started there, after a social entrepreneurship experience. It was by helping other people to launch their projects that I wanted to create mine. Back in France, I was already drawing my first designs and Joey started little by little.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Coming from a large family, I remember my elder sisters giving me their clothing every season. I have designed essentials with a story, which can be a family story. We all have in mind a favorite garment from when we were young. I wanted to recreate this with Joey.

If you had the chance to collaborate with a brand, which one would it be and why?
Our dream is already coming true... At Playtime Paris, we will present a cuddly toy created in collaboration with Main Sauvage! This collaboration was not a random choice: just like Joey, Main Sauvage designs meaningful, funny and beautiful products. Our brands defend common values, such as well-thought out production and sustainable handicraft.

Joey x Main Sauvage cuddly toy, made of extra-soft baby alpaca wool, will be hand-knitted in our Bolivian fair workshop. It will be highly recognizable with its denim Joey overalls!

If you had to define your brand in three words, what would they be?
Essentials, timelessness and quality.

Your projects for the future?
Our third capsule collection, part of "Les Essentiels" range, has been launched in January 2018. We have spent a year and a half to design it, taking our time to understand children and parents' needs, and considering product feedbacks. It was also a time for us to analyze the market, and create durable connections with carefully selected workshops. They are now part of the Joey's team!
Our first Spring/Summer is already in production in our workshops and will be launched at the beginning of April: a new exclusive print and some new unexpected designs!

Joey will be presenting its collection at Playtime Paris booth E21! Don't miss it!


Joey's collection
We all have in mind a favorite garment from when we were young. I wanted to recreate this with Joey.
Lucie Lheureux, Joey's founder