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Japanese style as its finest!

A singular look, clean cuts and always neat details, the quintessence of Japanese style will be at Playtime Paris this winter!

Japan has always been a country of style: from the ancestral kimonos through the eccentricity of the Kawaii movement to their inimitable sense of avant-garde. Over decades, Japanese fashion succeeded in instilling its recognizable signature into the western culture.

Here are some of the Japanese brands attending Playtime Paris, in alphabetical order:



Founded in 2012 by two dads, ARCH&LINE offers elegant and smart/casual wear for children. The Japanese brand knows how to mix tradition and playful mind fresh children’s clothes. We love the neutral colors and the minimalism of their shapes.
Simple, stylish and fashionable, ARCH&LINE definitely embodies the Japanese finesse.

Folk Made

Folk Made started with the handmade clothes that designer Harumi made for her first baby. Since then, a brand has born and set itself the mission to draw a smile on all faces, children and grownups, with unique and timeless designs. Folk Made is a subtle combination of soft colors, unique silhouettes and fine textures, with a hint of spicy style.

Folk Made


'Functional and sophisticated kids clothing', that is what MOUN TEN. is all about. The Japanese kid's fashion focuses on comfortable clothes designed around its brand concepts of 'sports', 'work' and 'military'. The designs are simple, stylish and seamless for everyday life.

@moun_ten _

Ocean & Ground

Ocean & Ground

Born from the wish to become indispensable in all children's wardrobe, Ocean & Ground creates clothes sticking to the balance of daily, function, and fashion. The brand pursues the ideal of designing new basics for children.


The essence of Tago is polarity and juxtaposition. Within it every garment exist simultaneously the past and the future, the machine and the handmade, the conservative and the avant-garde, all in celebration of the childhood that fades too quickly.

We love their incredible sense of details and how easily they play with prints and patterns.

Don't miss your chance to meet them at Playtime Paris this coming January 2019!

Folk Made