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Janet A. Jacobs introduces us to Kids à la Mode

The founder of the magazine has been involved with every aspect of children's fashion for over 25 years.

Janet A. Jacobs

She is a photo-journalist who has written and photographed for major fashion trade publications, and is currently the Publisher/Editor-in Chief of Kids a la Mode magazine.
From product development to fashion trend forecasting, Janet's exposure to the top international children's fashion collections enables her to bring the most up-to-the-minute information to her company, Kids à la Mode International Studio.

We caught up with Janet Jacobs to interview her about the origins and the content of the magazine, more so we got to hear about her future goals for the magazine.

Tell us a bit about yourself Janet, what is your background?

I have been involved with nearly every aspect of children’s fashion for over 25 years. A graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, I’ve designed children’s apparel and products for a wide range of clients. As a photo-journalist, I’ve attended literally every season of the international trade shows, reporting on the latest trends in children’s fashion from around the world. In my “spare time”, I teach swim lessons to children and adults.

Kids à la Mode Magazine

When did you first have the idea to create a magazine like Kids à la Mode?

After writing for other children’s wear trade magazines for over 25 years, I felt it was the right time to start my own magazine.
I had a vision for the magazine’s style and content that I felt was not being represented, and I believed it would be appreciated by discerning industry professionals and consumers.

Have you ever worked on or created something like Kids à la Mode before?

Although I have not created a magazine before, I have created seasonal reports, trend boards and slide presentations featuring the most current news in children’s apparel and products.

I have given my presentations at trade shows, fashion schools and to private clients throughout the United States and South America.

Can you describe the magazine in three words?

Informative, attractive and fun!

What makes it unique?

Kids à la Mode has a truly global perspective and clientele, and is also the first trade magazine to combine children’s apparel with home decoration.

What are your goals with this new magazine?

I hope the magazine will be a liaison between manufacturers, store buyers and consumers around the world, bringing the best of children’s fashion and décor to an international market.

Where would you like Kids à la Mode to be in 5-10 years?

I would like Kids à la Mode to become known as an indispensable tool for manufacturers and buyers who want to be well informed about the latest trends, and to discover wonderful new sources.

My goal is to bring together talented creators, brands and stores, offering them a platform for global exposure. I hope readers will find the magazine informative, inspiring, visually exciting and always fun to read.

Kids a la Mode: International Review of Children’s Fashion and Décor
Janet A. Jacobs text: 01-973-890-9048

Kids à la Mode Studio Artwork
Kids à la Mode brings you the most current children's fashion trends in formats that are clear, informative, affordable...and fun!!
Janet Jacobs, founder of Kids à La Mode