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Is Your Hashtag Game Strong?

Categorising visual content on Instagram has been around since the very beginning of the platform—most social marketers know that adding even one hashtag to a post will increase engagement by around 13% percent— but recently there have been some updates making hashtags more important than ever.

For starters, you can now include live, clickable hashtags in your Instagram bio, making your profile appear in hashtag-specific searches as well as adding them to your Stories, which have in some ways become more important than the feed itself!

With hashtag insights now available within the platform for business accounts, it’s easier than ever to track the performance of hashtags over time, and discover which messages resonate at specific times with your audience.

Since hashtags are a key component of your Instagram marketing strategy, let’s review three things to keep in mind hashtag-wise:

1/ Branded hashtags

Using hashtags specific to your store or label is a great way to organize your own community. If you can succeed in getting others to use your branded hashtags, you have the makings of organic viral marketing gold!

Online kid’s boutique The Little Red Planet uses their tag #fromMarswithLove to organize key content for their audience.

2/ Community hashtags

Tapping into an existing community of potential customers is a total must, because it instantly connects you to a tribe of passionate people who love to share and discover content that is relevant for them.

Here at Junior Style London, we encourage fans to use the hashtag #jrstylekids so that parents and kids fashion enthusiasts can discover new accounts and brands and find styling inspo straight from the street!

3/ Campaign hashtags

Are you launching a sale or a new product? Consider dedicating a specific hashtag to the campaign to track engagement. These are really helpful for promotions you are running such a competitions or giveaways.

For example, Minou Kids uses #minoupromos when they advertise flash sales or designer discounts, training customers to search for great deals.

I hope this little review was helpful, I’d love to know how you’re using your hashtags in your marketing strategy and feel free to shoot us a DM over @juniorstylelondon for any specific inquiries on how we can help your social media marketing on point.

Post by Romaine Coonghe, chief editor of Junior Style London


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