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How plaid could be your child’s new style

Plaid is one of fashion’s most ubiquitous prints, as it’s a highly versatile pattern that can be worn by all ages and genders.

Bustle talked about how its rise dates back to the 1500s, and considering its longevity, it seems it will never go out of style. That’s good news for fashion in general, which is constantly evolving and getting more experimental as the years go by. It’s always awesome to have staples in your closet!

Dressing your child with plaid offers a lot of different variations, providing comfort, style, and practicality. Here are a few ways to wear plaid and how your kids can own it.

1/ Pair plaid bottoms with a plain top

Go for pants for boys and skirts for girls. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a young child donning a schoolboy or schoolgirl look and turning it into a fashion statement. The color choices can go from black and white to more colorful options.

2/ Use it as a cardigan for when it’s chilly

Lots of clothing shops sell plaid prints as a long-sleeved polo. Pretty Me suggests using the piece as a cardigan for your child on trips to the mall or breezy walks in the park. Besides acting as a cute sweater, it can keep your child warm. It’s an excellent example of how effortless style meets practical use.

3/ Incorporate a pop of plaid

Try dressing your kid in a solid color like black, white, or blue from head to toe, and then tie a colorful plaid polo around his or her waist. It’s the ultimate throwback to the 90s, and the trend is here to stay!

4/ Combine it with other prints and textures

Some plaid prints can coexist with other prints in an outfit. Glamour advises to keep it simple by grabbing pants with a slight texture to match a plaid top.
Try to stick within the same color palette and make sure the combination is not looking too busy for the eyes. Going for another texture, such as leather, also elevates the style of plaid, turning it from casual to edgy.

5/ Match outfits with your child

Since plaid is pretty much universal, a parent and child can absolutely go for the twinning look! This is a great way to bond with kids and show them that dressing up is a fun way of self-expression and creativity.
This parent-and-child combo is guaranteed to draw a lot of (positive) attention, no doubt.

Choosing outfits for the kids can be a great way to exercise resourcefulness and versatility for parents as well. With so many fashion choices available for both parent and child, it can be overwhelming to decide what to wear sometimes. Cut down the thinking time of what the kids have to wear on a trip by making sure they own universal pieces like plaid prints.

Just remember to prioritize the child’s comfort and have fun with the process together!

How plaid could be your child’s new style