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Glitter Power Club

Glitter Power Club designed several illustrations for us on the theme of Seeding among Julie Hermant
& Bikini sous la Pluie during our Playtime show. Read the full article and don't forget to see the video and at the end, we guarantee a good mood.

Are you wondering how they got inspired?

In their words: “We sow colors, good humor, cheerfulness, words that give confidence, drawings that make you happy.
Nature inspires us, the vibrant and lively plant life comes to life on the paper, enhanced with touches of bright pink and bright red.
Inspiration is everywhere, in the crazy trees, in the mysterious jungle, in a palette of colors and in the laughter of children”.

Check out this fun video to see the good humor, cheerfulness, and hard work they put into their drawings.

They offer exclusive designs and illustrations for the textile, furniture, and stationery markets.
With 15 years of expertise, their designs have charmed many brands around the world.
Find their designs at Aigle, Old Navy, Kipling, Trixie Baby, Apaches Collections, Maisonette.

Check out her more work on our showroom here