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Gift options for kids this season

Are you looking for a variety of gift-for-kids options to keep in your shop this season?
Find on our Playtime marketplace plenty of brands that offers unique dolls, stuffed animals, knitwears, wooden toys to arts and crafts.




This Australian brand was established in 1983. The company originally made Australian-themed dolls and figurines based around the characters from the stories of May Gibbs. After that over the years, the range grew and eventually included a large range of beautiful dolls, soft toys, and much more.

Patricia Larosa

2] Patricia Larosa

A lover of vintage and romantic style, Patricia tries to give all her projects and yestyear and poetic vibe. All the dolls are made from sustainable and eco-friendly eco-friendly materials, with the the softest touch.

Hence the perfect addition to add to your shop.


Fly Little Bird

1] Fly Little Bird

Stuffed animals are timeless and meaningful presents. And it's even a better choice when it's an eco-friendly one! Their concept was born from the love of creating beautiful children's products that encourage kindness and compassion while remaining planet-friendly.

Sigi Kids

2] Sigi Kids

We love the universe of this brand: sustainable, versatile, and fun! Their products are very durable which offer long-lasting fun, enhance well-being and stand up to everyday use.


3] Chikatai

Discover this brand that offers amazing musical toys, isn't it amazing. All of their toys represent creatures of nature – animals, birds, water inhabitants.

The toys are made from leftovers and anti-allergic materials.


Myum - The Veggie Toys

1] Myum - The Veggie Toys

Education is important while playing and that's what this brand's universe represents. Myum Veggies are handmade organic toys that educate the consumption of healthy food and nature.

Charlotte the carrot, the green peas family, Betty the beet, Louie the radish, the Cherry sisters ...and many more!!

Sol de Mayo

2] Sol de Mayo

Meet the french brand specialized in knitwear! Sol de Mayo reflects conscious production, authenticity, and finest natural fibers.

Their pieces are very unique yet minimalistic, perfect for a gift!

Global Affair

3] Global affairs

The vibrant colors, handmade knits, and sustainability - the universe of its brand speak for itself.

Global affairs produce a wide range of colorful must-haves. They take inspiration from anything around them, close to home, far away, sometimes in their own grown-up world, but mainly in the kid's universe.



1] Dou

Their story began with the questions. "dou?" means "how? in Japanese and as children have unlimited imagination, they are questioning them through their toy such as How do you think about it? How does it work? How do you want to play? to light up their beginning of the imagination journey - such a unique way of learning!!

Mada in Lisbon

2] Mada in Lisbon

Established in 2015, the brand is known for the products that are made 100% in Portugal.
The BabySwings have European Certification (CE), by EN 71,1 and 71,2.
MadaInLisbon® stands for - Hand-made, Superior and Unique collection.



1] Poppik

Let's express the inner artist in each kid!
Each Poppik experience is a path that not only results in the creation of a beautiful poster but also contributes to self-realization. Each Poppik experience is thought of with heart as a structuring artistic or educational project, which nourishes the child's sensitivity to learning and aestheticism.

Ma Cabane à Rêves

2] Ma Cabane à Rêves

Magnets are forever!

The magnets from this brand are colorful and graphic, produced with care, waterproof and 100% recyclable.

Ma Cabane à Rêves is a French-based toy brand launched in 2018 by creative entrepreneur Amandine.

Little Mashers

3] Little mashers

Little Masher's glow-up products are truly creative, they let the kids explore their imagination by coloring their favorite t-shirt.

They are perfect for home D-I-Ys.

And not only they are fun to play with but they are sustainable too.



1] Nuida

These butterfly-shaped strollers are surely a very usable gift.

Nuida was born at the crossroad of cultures and shared heritage.

They manufacture every piece in Seoul but the design is coming from London and Paris. This mixed culture makes Nuida a unique, distinctive brand.

Bibs Kids

2] Bibs Kids

Meet Bibs kids that strive to design their collections as time fluid as possible, better yet creating products that are usable all year round.

They believe that this way can reduce our environmental imprint and we totally agree with them.

Special Day

3] Special day

Our last pick is a special one!

Special Day produces diaries to write and cherish memories.

Their objective is to embrace special moments in life by producing aesthetic and functional quality products in a nostalgic and timeless style.

So have you decided which one to keep in your store?