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Embracing our elegant heritage

With holidays like the Day of the Dead, All Saint’s Day, and Thanksgiving around this time of the year, it is important we take special moments to remember and respect our collective history. Fashion Snoops detailed for us the AW21 trend HOMAGE , in which we respect our roots while advancing our culture. The end of the year is the perfect time to take this into consideration, and add products that reflect this idea to your store! This selection of historically inspired pieces is available for modern immediate delivery on the Playtime Marketplace!

Discover our selection of pieces to pay homage and merge our ancient roots with modern elements below!


These cotton velvet pants from La Petite Anaïs are the perfect way to pay tribute to classic pieces. The straight leg and light-absorbing black velvet resemble garments from the 17th century, while the cinched waist adds a touch of modernity. Paired with the matching top as styled by La Petite Anaïs or with a tucked in blouse for a more contemporary outfit, these trousers are ready to be mixed and matched between time periods! Worn with dress shoes or sneakers, these pants are comfortable, classic, and versatile. Kids will love their mobility, while parents will love being able to dress them up or down.
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One of the most timeless hair accessories is the bow! Lemon Hair Lovers has everything your store needs to offer this traditional item in current style! This velvet variation is the perfect way to add a touch of color to a neutral outfit, or an element of girliness to something sporty. Bows have been used to decorate hair for centuries, starting as an accessory for men in the 1700’s. Today, they are a great way to add an element of interest to any hairstyle and to tap into our collective roots! Make getting dressed more fun for kids with Lemon Hair Lovers' variety of styles and colors that add something extra to any outfit!
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This adorable variation on the classic silhouette by Grace Baby & Child is the perfect way to dress children in timeless pieces this season! Drawing inspiration from a Spanish style dress, this piece is meant to be worn above the knee. The herringbone and adjustable straps add contemporary touches to the traditional pinafore shape. Paired with Grace Baby & Child’s gauze blouse, this piece looks even more classical. This dress could also be layered with a black top and black boots to give it a more modern edge. Whether worn now or in the past, the pinafore figure is eternally cute!
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Whether sailing the seven seas or learning to walk, stripes are a go-to print! These yellow and white striped overalls from Kidiwi are perfect for future sailors or scholars! 100% cotton, this piece is as comfortable as it is cute. Worn for playtime or parties, it allows for movement while still being stylish. Stripes were originally sported by French fishermen, eventually becoming the official French sailor uniform. Take this classic style to the common era in these overalls, pairing them with sneakers or sandals! Kidiwi knows how to make timeless pieces, seamlessly merging the latest styles with traditional features!
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Almost as classical as stripes, plaid is always in style! This pajama top from Les Enfantines is perfectly timeless! Made from 100% cotton, it will keep kids comfortable all year long. Originating in Scotland, different plaid patterns used to be dependent on what materials were available. Now, it is easy to produce different styles and colors, keeping plaid a part of our collective style while being able to have more variation. This Les Enfantines top is in soft blues, reminding us of summer picnics and winter wonderlands. Kids will love the cool comfort of the soft cotton, while parents will appreciate the classic style and wooden buttons.
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Nothing is more timeless than a floral Peter Pan collar! This baby bodysuit from Little Dots Company is simply splendid! The floral pops of color add a delicate element of femininity to this basic bodysuit, and the Peter Pan collar adds a touch of history! Originating at the turn of the century, this collar has been incorporated into outfits for over 100 years. Floral prints on clothing likely began in the East, before following textiles of the Silk Road to the West. The total white look, with the subtle colors on the collar, make this bodysuit as versatile as it is classic. It can be paired with anything, making it flexible to reflect personal style!
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Which items will you be adding to your store this season to praise the past?