Celebrate Valentine's Day with your family!

Take this opportunity to express your love not only to your partner, but to your little ones!

Love has a very wide meaning, as love is everywhere. So why should we only spend this special Valentine's day only with our better part, when we can make it a fun family day teaching our kids how important is to care about people we love?

Even though, Valentine's Day originates from Catholic Church, nowadays the holiday has barely anything to do with it, as it became an international celebration of romance and love. But baby, it's still cold outside! Therefore, we propose you to take a look at some cool family time ideas to cozily spend this holiday at home and still have a lot of fun.


Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together, but it's important to eat well! Start your day by making all together these cute pancakes and decorating them with some healthy fruits. Check out this cute recipe here!


It's just the right time to let your kids be creative and express their personality in making cute valentines heart shaped animals! All members of your family can share lovely valentines expressing love to each other. You can see the full guide here.


What sets you in the mood for romance better than a good old romantic movie? Our suggestion is a purely must-watch musical classics, The Sound of Music, 1965. Don't be scared by its age, it's a timeless piece! Beautiful music, great acting and excellent shots, along with teaching a good lesson for your little ones, the movie will make your mood better and your day more special!


Let's not forget it's still February and it's important to keep our little ones warm! Founded in Siberia, APERO makes cute originally-designed blankets, rugs, pillows and even sweaters for babies, which will surely make this day cozier!

Last but not least, don’t forget to be kind, thankful and spread love as much as you can!