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Discover 6 top brands from the United States

High-quality and sustainability are the core values of this selection of brands from the United States! These brands use the best materials available and thoughtfully design their products to be staples in any closet. All the items are meant to be long-lasting, and even passed down. With customizable backpacks, tops with strong statements, and newborn essentials, this selection has great items to expand your store's product offering. To make these pieces even more exciting, all of these brands have collections available for immediate delivery on the Playtime Marketplace!

Explore the US with this selection of brands as great as the 50 states!


The Seattle-based brand Bébénca Organics is focused on premium organic baby clothing that spreads happiness sustainably! They use GOTS-certified textiles to create their products that are designed in the United States and produced in India. From their farms to the children who wear their clothes, Bébénca Organics wants everyone to do their part for the common goal of sustainability. Their mainly unisex collections are designed to be simple, yet stylish, and to be wearable as coordinates or stand-alone pieces. Bébénca Organics seeks to better people and the planet through products that are cute and functional!
Find their collections available for immediate delivery here!


Light+Nine is designed thoughtfully for little backs and young shoulders! To avoid putting too much stress or strain on kids, Light+Nine uses featherweight materials like their EVA silicon. Not only is this material light-weight, but it is durable and easy to disinfect and clean too! Light+Nine also offers their NIMIX embellishments that allow kids to personalize their accessories, and to change them often without having to buy a whole new item! The NIMIX are designed by American artists, and give kids a chance to make their pieces their own. Customization meets function in products made by Light+Nine!
Available for immediate delivery on the Playtime Marketplace!


Drawing inspiration from classic French elegance, TCBABY makes cozy pieces for newborns to 24 month olds! Pairing hand embroidery with premium materials like Peruvian and organic Pima cotton, these pieces are perfect additions to any store. Pima cotton makes TCBABY’s garments and accessories comfortable on sensitive newborn skin and resistant to fading, tearing, and fraying. Their inspired design offers pieces that are durable, luxurious, and snug for little ones. They have a focus on details and ensure the excellence of all their products with rigorous quality control.
Check out their collections available for immediate delivery here!


We love the strong statements on clothes from Love Bubby! Self-declared specialists in gender-neutral clothing, Love Bubby makes garments that embody their motto, “You are never too young to make a statement!” Using premium fabrics like Airlume combed and rung cotton sourced by their US manufacturer, Love Bubby shows that statements can be stylish and comfortable! Their products are printed in New York at a company that employs young adults with autism, showing that Love Bubby incorporates what they stand for in their practices, not just their garments. From t-shirts to bodysuits, they offer pieces with pop-culture spins, exclusively in black, white, and gray.
Explore their collections here, available for immediate delivery!


Inspired by Anglo and French fashion of the 1700's-1800’s, La Petite Anaïs provides kids with gorgeous garments! Their products are fair trade and made in New York with eco-consciousness in mind. La Petite Anaïs reuses and recycles luxury fabrics from their parent brand to make their pieces. All remainders are saved and used to produce beautiful clothes while preserving the beauty of the planet. The idea behind La Petite Anaïs is the creation of new family heirlooms to be passed down through generations. They started with inspiration from their own heirlooms and wish to create pieces that are durable and timeless enough to be inherited themselves.
Pieces from their FW21 and SS22 collections are available for immediate delivery here!


Dress babies and toddlers in ethical, organic, and chic clothing from A Muffin in the Oven! This US brand produces its garments in their own factory in Peru. Their clothes are made with Pima cotton, a fabric chosen for its brightness, softness, and durability. It is also hypoallergenic and free of harmful substances. In their range of products, from basics and sleepwear to underwear and bath clothing, A Muffin in the Oven promotes sustainability and innovation. They make garments and accessories that are meant to be passed down, helping tie families together while taking care of the planet!
Discover their products on the Playtime Marketplace, where they are available for immediate delivery!

Which of these brands will you be using to expand your product offering of sustainable and independence-inspiring pieces?