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Bikini sous la pluie, a storyteller

Bikini sous la Pluie is one of the designers who worked for us among Julie Hermant & Glitter Power during our Playtime Show on our theme, Seeding, for the new season, check out her designs and inspiration behind it.

On the theme of seeding, she says that: “In this new year where we will again have to be adaptable, I wanted to make a light and playful interpretation of the theme of Seeding.”

Her style is graphic and colorful, very often figurative because she likes her designs to tell stories.

She adds, "a retro aesthetic, inspired by the Peace & Love movement of the '70s, I imagined a utopian world where we would only have to sow small magic seeds to see more love, empathy, kindness ... If not realistic, I hope this illustration will put you in a good mood!"

Through her designs, we definitely can imagine a utopian world where we all will sow the seeds of peace and love only.

A textile designer born in Brittany, Caroline moved to Paris to study graphic arts and textiles.
Now based in Nantes and with more than 10 years of experience as a freelancer, she now navigates between the fashion and decoration sectors.

Check out their showroom here