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Dive into the most trending lifestyle brands and order now!

A lifestyle selection just for you!

At Playtime Marketplace, we have always been committed to providing a modern lifestyle with a wide range of products to guide children through all stages of their development.
Decor, leisure, fun, care, wellness, babygear... we've handpicked the best of the kids' lifestyle brands.

Don't hesitate, stock up, all this brands are available for immediate delivery on the Playtime Marketplace.



Antsi, which means playful, whimsical in Georgian, is a kids design brand from Georgia, creating quality and sustainable products inspired by modern trends and unique local craftsmanship. From small pieces of furniture to wooden toys, all our creations encourage creativity and play. All our products are locally made, mostly handmade or handcrafted, and often in limited productions.



Coconeh is a brand based in Europe and Mexico. They imagine, design and make natural and timeless playroom, home decoration products elaborated in Mexico by knowledgeable artisans, always respecting the environment, in a sustainable way and under a trade fair system. We love this funny window dressing bags for girls.

The Tartan Blanket co.


A creative lifestyle brand whose team is dedicated to consciously designing a range of natural & sustainable wool blankets & scarves. The Tartan Blanket co. focuses on simplicity, aesthetic & respect for the environment, the varied range of wool textiles is woven from responsibly sourced Recycled Wool, Lambswool & Cashmere.

You & Oil


On the Marketplace we also propose wellness & care brands. Among them, You & Oil develops skincare and wellness products only from organic plant, essential oils and plant extracts, whose bioactive power has been scientifically proven. Also – bioactive mixtures of essential oils “You & Oil KI”, which stimulate the body’s powers to restore health. Everything we make is based on oil extracts or essential oils. OrganicVeganMade from certified organic raw materials95% of the packaging is plastic-free.

The Tartan Blanket co.


Patti Oslo toys and accessories are for families who want an enriching, eco-friendly playing experience while still choosing the simplicity of Nordic design. Playtime should be safe and stimulating, and we go a step further to deliver sustainable toys, without harmful chemicals, polluting plastics or toxic dyes. Each toy is fully crocheted and embroidered by hand using GOTS certified organic cotton which is naturally plant dyed, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.



Yaarn is a family story, a brand launched by a mother, passionate about crochet and looking for more sustainable, playful toys with a contemporary approach, and her daughter. They create slow objects where they focus on detailed design and quality that are all made in an ethical and fair trade environment in India.



Their story began with the questions. Dou? means "how?" in Japanese and as children have unlimited imagination, we are questioning them through our toy such as How do you think about it? How does it work? How do you want to play? to light up their beginning of the imagination journey. The brand assumes the question is the start of the communication between kids and parents and hope they can support them so they remember our toy with their childhood memory.



Light+Nine designs revolutionary products with a focus on little backs and young shoulders. This is achieved by fusing featherweight materials with urban style so children can stand taller, play harder, and express themselves freely. Combining quality, style and purpose, the collection of bags and accessories are manufactured from a SAFE, silicone/EVA compound.



Behind Culbuto, Sandrine et Stéphane, two lovers of life and ... in life. Imaginative acolytes, curious, they share the same ideals and are not afraid to think outside the box provided as long as it’s together! The duo is formed in the summer of 2012 after the discovery of a first culbuto in an old cardboard piques their curiosity, makes them crack ...They search, delve, they empty attics and finally gather a small collection of these happy sound toys called culbutos! Playing reissue card, they aspire to bring back some “Madeleines de Proust” but especially leave a chance to perpetuate the magic of this unique object!



Natruba was launched following the birth of Alberte, Kasper & Line's first child. Disappointed by the range of safe toys not only small but uninspiring and boring as well, they decided to create their brand. Overwhelmed with inspiration and a desire to design and produce the best and safest toy for their daughter possible, in an environmentally friendly material, they searched for the perfect material... With Natural Rubber, they found the perfect combination of natural, non-toxic and safe, environmentally friendly and durable, while being very hygienic and biodegradable, and especially ideal for soothing sore gums.

Millow Paris


Millow Paris is a french timepiece house dedicated to today's children. Designed and assembled in Paris, the MILLOW watches have been specifically created to follow kids in their daily adventures thanks to their waterproof and shock-resistant watch cases. MILLOW offers a minimalist and elegant design that facilitates the optimal reading of the hours and minutes. Whereas its wide collection of interchangeable and fun bracelets allows kids to diversify colors and styles.

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