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location_onVincennes Pavilion

La chemise de papa x Les Colibris

Because we could not refer to the benevolence of Pierre Rabhi and his movement Les Colibris without taking part, we are happy to organize on the show a collection and a sale of clothing in collaboration with "La chemise de papa" for the benefit of Les Colibris!

La chemise de papa is a brand of eco-chic children's clothing made from men's shirts designed by Hélène Chervalier. An idea that takes on a real challenge because each shirt is different and gives birth to a new unique piece. More than clothing, it's tailor-made, and "made in France" of course since everything is reconfigured in Paris.

Colibris is an active citizen movement created in 2007 under the leadership of Pierre Rabhi, a non-profit organization under the 1901 law whose mission is to support citizens who choose to engage in a way of life, more ecological and supportive. Together they give birth to initiatives that today experiment the models of the society of tomorrow by embodying, in the personal transformation of each and everyone, the hoped for change.

Installed at the Vincennes Pavilion, at the north entrance of the show, "La chemise de papa" and its seamstresses are waiting for you to give a second life to your neglected shirts. By bringing them back, you will see them transformed into sublime creations for children which will then be offered for sale. The full benefits will be donated to Les Colibris’ movement.

Kid’s Wear x Xaviera Altena

This is a collaboration that should infuse a lot of good mood in the aisles of the show Kid's Wear called on Xaviera Altena, our season illustrator, to imagine pop and colorful accessories inspired by the trends of the season. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you or inspires you the most before posing in front of the photographer's lens.

MILK Awards

Great accustomed to the event, the editorial team of Milk Magazine wouldn't miss the show for anything in the world! This season, they will walk the aisles of the show to crown the new winners of the Milk Awards in the following categories: Fashion, Home, Crush and Best in France.
Results to discover Saturday, June 30 at the end of the day on Instagram and then on the website of the magazine.

location_onAisles D-E

LIFESTYLE trend space by Kids Interiors

For several seasons already, the Lifestyle sector has become the most dynamic of the show. Obviously, the following step was to inaugurate a trend space of its own to highlight the latest wonders in terms of decoration and gift items. So here it is! :-)

Designed in collaboration with Kristine Mc Veigh of Kids Interiors, this space will explore the 'Bright Future' that awaits our little treasures.

location_onIn front of the Information Desk

DIY with Aurélie Andres

This season Aurélie Andres invades the bay window of the Point Info with its giant stickers, mixing graphic and vegetable forms. On the opposite wall everyone can participate in the creation of a new illustration by 'sticking' his paw to it!
At the launch of her creative workshop more than two years ago, Aurélie specialized in textile design and worked as well for fashion as for interior decoration and window decoration. A manual and passionate designer, Aurélie explores with immense freedom new materials and new techniques to give shape to her various projects.

Last season she launched her new "Oh really!" line at Playtime of giant stickers. This season she plunges us again in her graphic universe, a little bohemian and always sparkling she offers you to participate in the creation of a giant wall of stickers. So who is going to do it?


location_onAisles I-J
Children's fashion trend space

Invited artists for NOVA GAIA

Atelier ID Textile

Marion and Sylvie Breton - a mother-daughter team - play with the reinterpretation of traditional textile techniques and the diversion of materials.
"Our pieces crystallize improbable encounters between materials, know-how, life stories and collective memory. We are constantly building up a unique textile heritage from which we draw inspiration and materials called to experience a second life."
A resolutely experimental approach, sharing knowledge and skills through inter-generational workshops and creative recycling.

They present to Playtime, an XXL chandelier series that nature seems to have invaded.

Discover the Nova Gaïa trend in detail here.

location_onAisles I-J
Children's fashion trend space

Invited artists for NEW TRIBE

W& / Wand studio

W& for "Weaving &", Wand Studio is a weaving & graphic design studio created by Lucie Laustriat and Fleur Pinsard. After a time at the Paris Decorative Arts in Graphic Design and almost ten years of shared projects, Lucie and Fleur synthesize with W& Studio an experimental approach in which thread and matter draw the image and volume.
Their identity is based on exchanges and mixtures between their two practices; graphics and weaving are both inspired to give life to projects of images, objects and scenography. For them, the beauty and modernity of a project depends on human and hand involvement, a real added value to creation and innovation.

The work presented at Playtime will also be a new experiment, mixing contemporary graphics and ancestral technique.

Discover the New Tribe trend in detail here.

location_onAisles I-J
Children's fashion trend space

Invited artist for NEO OPTIMISM

Lucille Michieli

Trained at the Estienne school, Lucille has worked for several years in children's fashion as an illustrator and set designer. Attached to the themes of childhood, discovery, games and imagination, she likes to build dreamlike universes through drawing and volume.
Her projects range from illustration to toy design to jewelry design, all with a common desire to tell stories.

Her installation 'Yes' is a great optimistic shout; an assemblage of joyful, colorful and delicate shapes that evokes sharing and joy.

Discover the Neo Optimism trend in detail here.

location_onResting area

Pirouette Screen Capture


For its second edition at Playtime, Pirouette's Screen Capture exhibition invites seven talented illustrators to deliver their own vision of "Modern Beauty". Like manifestos, their works, created especially for the occasion, aim to change our view of the standards of society.

Guest illustrators:
Maggie Cole, Ilka Mészely, Hülya Özdemir, Graham Franciose, John Washington, Soosh and Jess Racklyeft

location_onPress Kiosk and Press Office

MaillO breaks

Since 2011 Veronique Damart has been sculpting antique placemats under the name MaillO. The transformation of these obsolete textiles into starchy volumes is part of the Upcycling movement. Her creations offer these resolutely feminine works a new history, marked by lightness and poetry that counterbalances the hours of work and patience. They expand the point of view, reconcile us with an ancient know-how, past traditions and sublimate this heritage.
They expand the point of view, reconcile us with an ancient know-how, past traditions and sublimate this heritage.

Lace clouds at the Press Kiosk and a giant mandala at the Press Office; when you'll walk down S lane, do not miss a little time in front of these contemplative facilities.

location_onPavillon Vincennes


The LAPS workshop is a duo formed 11 years ago by Sophie Paumelle and Amélie Lengrand. Their creations include sculptures, plastic and scenographic installations, ephemeral or perennial decors.

Working from raw materials - wood, paper, fabric - they create volumes, surfaces or spaces by repeating the same material and a simple assembly process conceived as a construction and accumulation game. The material is diverted, deformed, bent, cut, woven, and stapled, until a pattern and shape come to life.
The universe and the strength of nature, through the work of braided wood, have been investing their playing field for some years. Creatures, chimeras or organic and marvelous shapes infiltrate in selected places and speak to our imagination. Immersive installations, made of perforated and flexible surfaces are born on a large scale. Technically thought upstream, they are shaped in situ, exposing the importance of teamwork and craftsmanship.

At the northern entrance of the show, the LAPS workshop will place one of their large pieces of woven wood in the restoration area of the Vincennes Pavilion. An interlaced flower pattern created by an assemblage of petals in painted wooden slats.