arrow_drop_upWe Cosmos by Bobo Choses


"Dedicated to Benny Benson and to all the kids who know that we are all made of stars."
Benny Benson

Planets, stars, the Earth, our home. What an incredible and magical world we live in, a world filled with magic and poetry. Bobo Choses embraces this magic as their collections are usually born out of ethereal stories, inspired by colors and emotions. These stories are narrated in an animated book that comes along with each collection.

For the galactic AW19 collection 'WE COSMOS', the Spanish brand took its inspiration from a 13-year-old boy called Benny Benson.
Back in 1927, the Chignik boy (Chignik: the city where he came from) entered a contest for designing the Alaskan territory flag. He won over 700 designs!

Alaskan flag

"He looked to the sky for inspiration, choosing the familiar constellation he looked for every night before going to sleep at the orphanage."

To illustrate this beautiful story, Bobo Choses has published an animated book available in six languages (English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and Catalan)! Click on the images below to watch!

An inspiring story for a colorful collection! Congratulations Bobo Choses!

Nawal Doghri