arrow_drop_upColchik new collection We don’t think that things were better before. We like to go forward. Our small range of clothes and colors is the fruit of a long

Colchik strong clothes, designed for action

The German slow label managed by the French-German designer Laura Moustacakis is back to Paris this summer.

Located in Potsdam, very close to Berlin, the brand Colchik makes high-quality clothes, focusing on respect for people and nature. Their clothes can be worn in all good conscience.

"Our garments are all produced with love in Poland and we use exclusively OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics."

The brand proposes a permanent collection of essential and thoughtful clothes. Simple yet graceful, with strong character, made out of the most beautiful 100 % cotton drill. "Our collection is largely inspired by vintage workwear: strong clothes, designed for action, but also memory-rich and meaningful."

"Living in our time of big changes and major innovations is exciting and inspiring. We don’t think that things were better before. We like to go forward. But we believe that good changes need strong foundations. In other words: we need to care for the past to build a strong present and future."

Colchik is a strong label because it is speaking to our family and collective memory. Updated through a careful work on form and color, the Colchik clothes are built on memory to create a meaningful present. They connect us to our past and help us invent a good future.

The German brand believes that there is an urgent need for new ideas and operation models. That’s how they came to start in 2017 a partnership with ReforestAction, following the principle of "buy one, plant one ".

"So for each item we sell, we plant a tree. This is a wonderful daily motivation for us to work not only for our label, but also for the future of our blue planet."

This new adventure has already impressive results: the small "Colchik forest", located in Haiti, concentrates now more than 800 cacao trees!

Colchik is attending Playtime Paris at the end of this month, June 30th to July 2nd, booth I13. Make sure to get your pass to meet them!