The blue knight

Discover the SS21 trend from Instinct

Our muse: Anna Du, a young American, invented a sub-marine robot capable of locating micro particles of plastic in order to facilitate cleaning the seas. Thanks to her, this theme celebrates children invested in the safekeeping of the treasures of our earth: it is in the cleaning of beaches, the fight to outlaw plastic bags, the preservation of the eco systems, the protection of endangered species… that these children become the knights of the Order of the Blue Planet.

Key words: protection of the environment, activism, ingenious inventions, good sense, simplicity and efficiency
Essentials: all-weather clothing, comfortable basics, beach cleanup boots and water repellant outfits, bathing suits added to daywear, biodegradable plastic toys and accessories

Materials: terry velvet, UV Lycra, breathable and water repellant, recycled and compostable knits and fabrics

Motifs: offbeat patterns on environmental protection, children’s drawings

Colors: hot-cold natural sandy-pastels and aquatic reflections fragmented by intrusions of blue and green plastic


Sustainability and fair practices are at the heart of Bonmot. With 100% organic fabrics, Bonmot creates unisex garments with a playful personality.



Ducksday offers the highest quality of winter, rain and swim collections for kids to ensure exploration in all kinds of weather.



With fabrics of SPF 50 protection, Lison Paris designs couture swimwear that makes the beach a happy place.



Mini Kyomo combines quality, design and fun to create watches from toxic-free process with a style that matches the kids' personality.



Yporque is a children's clothing brand that makes products beyond fashion with a clear goal of answering the never-ending question 'WHY'


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