Playtime Editor’s Pick-July 2020

This is the comprehensive guide for professional buyers. As we promised a 100% digital season in the marketplace, it doesn’t mean that we are compromising the fundamental spirit of playtime- which is a highly curated offer and inspiring scenography blending fashion and art. The playtime editor’s pick will be updating monthly by bringing the can’t be missed selection from our 100% professional human team behind.


With the best of Spanish tailoring and vibrance of Mexico, Coco au Lait creates statement pieces that are a trend in itself!



Cosmosophie brings a palette of nostalgia and subtle throwbacks with their conscious and slow fashion.


Dandydill Way

Dandydill Way is an award winning range of exceptional skin and hair care products for children created by celebrity make up artist Tania Rodney. Rodney was inspired by the British countryside to celebrate childhood freedom and potential using the purest, mildest natural, plant derived ingredients


Emile et Ida

Emile et Ida's collections are made for happy days of holidays, after-school scenes, going out and staying in.


hilda henri

Inspired by Alpine traditions, Hilda.Henri interprets fashion with contemporary yet nostalgic elements of the mountains and nature.



Made up of humour and whimsical art, each collection of Poupee is inspired by childhood memories and playful scenarios.


Wooden Story

Wooden Story is a master craftsman of toys that spread happiness and bring nature right to our doorstep.


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