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We like(d) #2


Every season we choose a new theme that will guide us through the coming season of shows ('Rituals' is this winter's theme). From there, our trend setter Julie Malait suggests 3 main trends that you are likely to see in your favorite children's wear stores next winter.
Then, here at the Playtime creative studio and in collaboration with our curators in New York and Tokyo, we select artists whose work is close to the season's trends and invite them to create special installations.
At the end of the season we love comparing the different interpretations of the 3 themes the artists in each country have made!

Discover the artists we have invited this winter for each theme followed by their latest news!

Aurélie Mathigot at Playtime Paris
Joshua Ben Longo at Playtime New York
Mayumi Oku at Playtime Tokyo

Erika Vaury at Playtime Paris
Jason Villegas at Playtime New York
Colliu at Playtime Tokyo

Lisa Laubreaux at Playtime Paris and Playtime New York
Julie Hermant at Playtime Tokyo

The Playtime Tokyo programme of events and exhibitions will soon be online. Check it out in a few days and learn more about the fabulous artists exhibiting there on our trend spaces.

Artists news:

Erika Vaury will be participating in a group exhibition at the Manufacture de Roubaix in the north of France named 'L'eau textile', from February 3 to March 26, 2017.

Lisa Laubreaux just opened her online shop with her screenprint and risograph illustrations :
If you are in Paris on February 28, bring your children at David Lynch's Silencio where she will lead an ephemeral tatoos workshop with phosphorescent paint!

At the Playtime Paris Press office we have invited Céline Tuloup .
Check out her interview in the online art magazine Point Contemporain (in French) :

And at the Playtime Paris Press kiosk we have invited textile designer Aurélie Andrès
In February, she will be back from India with a second hand woven fabrics collection made in an artisanal cooperative (see picture), and will set up two window displays she has created for Louis Louise.

Joshua Ben Longo will be separating "Longoland" from himself and turning it into a full fledged design consultancy that will focus on the commercial aspect of design & art with a strong focus on kid related products including toys, furniture, and spaces. He continues to do artwork under the name Joshua Ben Longo which will be the testing grounds for his personal endeavors which include painting, sculpture and tattooing. 
Check out his latest collaboration with Friendship Skateboards:

Colliu has collaborated with the fashion brand Miske to create an elegant 100% silk and handmade scarf. Sold online from the beginning of March 2017.