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This year Pirouette celebrates its tenth anniversary. Ten years during which the website has never ceased to bring the talents of tomorrow to the foreground. With the same keen eye, Florence Rolando, the founder of Pirouette, will be handing out the One to Watch awards to the most promising new fashion and lifestyle brands.

The new Pirouette One to Watch Award is designed by Maria and João from So-So Portugal. When they were briefed about the award their first idea was to create an object that could help find new brands. After some thought, they came to the idea of a compass - an object that could help you find the “right path” to the “right brand”. The concept being that the “North” pointed to by the needle is replaced by Pirouette’s ‘One to Watch’ symbol: the Eye. Lose the north” is an expression used in Portuguese when someone is lost... but with So-So’s playful and inventive approach this year’s award is bound to find it’s way to the worthy One to Watch winners!

Results to discover live from the show on Sunday, February 10, at 5.30pm


Poster Child Magazine returns as a media partner to Playtime New York, for a third consecutive season, filming designer interviews and highlighting the seasons’ coolest trends, LIVE from the event!

Poster Child is excited to be shooting on location for a special trend feature that will be published later this year in the publication's Fall 2019 print magazine. Their team of trend-seekers will be on the hunt for brands that embody the emerging trends of the AW19/20 season and offering. This will be an amazing opportunity for select brands to be featured in a print and digital magazine!

Space is limited for both opportunities. Brands are encouraged to reach out to in advance of the show for additional information and express interest early if they would like to be highlighted in a Designer Interview video segment.


Picking up on the rich discussion last season on how to optimize your brand for a buyer, we have a new panel of buyers who will take us on a journey into the buying mindset and share how to partner for success. The panel will share some crucial key steps that buyers and brands can take together to make a large positive financial impact and a long lasting relationships. Buyers, store owners and brands are welcome to bring their own stories, tips and questions and join in this sure-to-be-lively discussion.

Seminar will take place on February 12, 8 am at the restaurant area of the show.

Trend spaces

location_onTrend space 'The Committed Family'
Illustrated by

Amanda Browder

Amanda Browder produces large-scale fabric installations for building exteriors and other public sites. She works primarily with the community, and sources all of her material from donations. She has shown in Galleries, Museums and Art fairs, in the U.S and abroad: the New Museum in NY; Nuit Blanche Public Art Festival/LEITMOTIF in Toronto; Mobinale, Prague; Nakaochiai Gallery, Tokyo; to mention only a few. In 2016 she received her first National Endowment for the Arts grant and worked with the Albright Knox Museum to drape three buildings in Buffalo, NY. She is also a founder of the art podcast

Browder’s art has an affinity for abstraction and minimalism. She uses images that are similar to the ones in comic books. Reduced, simplified, and reconfigured to be idealized and sensational. She appreciates the transformative nature of materials, and how the combination of familiar objects can create abstract relationships. These relationships generate open-ended narratives, and ambiguous situations that are defined by the choice of materials. Central to the psychedelic experience, she uses bright colors and familiar materials to recreate this subtle change in perception.

The overarching goal is to engage individuals and groups in the mystery of creation. Volunteerism of local citizens and artists is a segue to creating familiarity in contemporary art as well as the individual nature of the neighborhood itself. From material collection to construction and exhibition, she hopes to encourage community volunteers to participate in ways that require collaboration and conversation...conversation about city, community, architecture and art.

The result is an awe-inspiring moment that might give light to an area that might not have been important in a citizen’s everyday task of going from home to work.

At Playtime New York, Amanda will set up a large mural made of recycled and colorful fabrics offering a comfortable and cosy environment, and small logs on fire to warm us up.

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location_onTrend space 'The Creative Gang'
Illustrated by

Rose Wong

Rose Wong is an Illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. Formerly a Visual Display assistant at Fishs Eddy, she now freelances full-time and has worked for clients such as The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, TED Radio Hour and others.
Her work primarily features detailed line work and she draws inspiration from the shapes and patterns around her. In her free time, she enjoys tending to her plants and making ceramic homes for them.

Her floating 2-D and 3-D geometric shapes will propose new space constructions from any angle of view.

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location_onTrend space 'The Tech Nomads'
Illustrated by

Anette Millington

Anette Millington is a research-based artist and designer whose work considers the role of surface design and pattern as both a visual experience and encoded information. She explores the desire to embellish for visual satisfaction, communication and transformation. Her language references textile history and modernist aesthetics, ritual objects and mathematical structures found in nature.

Her design for Playtime continues her series 'Synthetic Flight', employing a mimicry of nature’s patterns to connect the natural world with our contemporary digital gaze. Fragments of butterfly wings inspire her unique textile sculptures, with geometric angles and a multiplicity of viewpoints creating a flicker of movement and directional flight. The work probes the line of the natural and digital, the real and fantastic.

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