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WePinned: Embroidery

Introducing WePinned! As Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for us and for everyone, we have decided to share with you our latest discoveries in this new section.

Embroidery has become major these past few years. It is not just a craft anymore or something you do on weekends, it is a REAL art form.
Artists from all around the world master the art of embroidery, taking it to another level.
Sheena Liam, Danielle Clough, Ana Teresa Barboza, to name a few, are becoming unmissable if you talk about this timeless art.
Almost every fashion brand gave in to temptation of embroidery and Playtime brands are not to be outdone.

Some will go with black & white or minimalist…

Sheena Liam
Sheena Liam
Heart Hands, Etsy
Sarah Grange

Some others go bright!

Fallon Horstman
Liz Payne
Corinne Sleight
Juliette Oberdorfer

Green is always trendy…

Katy Biele
Sarah K. Benning
Veselka Bulkan a.k.a. Little Herb Bouquet

….so as cats!

Indi Maverick
Pinterest, unknown

Embroideries can also appear on unusual canvas,

Danielle Clough

represent unusual (but cute) animals,

Fuzzy and Flora
Danielle Clough

enchant us with hyperrealistic portraits...

Danielle Clough
Danielle Clough

or take us to the moon and back... to beautiful Earth.

Instagram @sewcalledlove
CreaMorDesign, Etsy
Ana Teresa Barboza
Ana Teresa Barboza

Finally, embroidery can leave us speechless.

Sophia Narrett

Playtime brands are also experts in embroidery. Tuchinda, Louise Misha or Maison Labiche have adopted the trend, making it their signature.

Bohemian embroideries by Louise Misha
Minimalist and statement embroideries by Maison Labiche
Flower embroideries by Tuchinda
And you, have you fallen in love with the trend?


WePinned: Playtime's Pinterest inspirations

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