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Eyes of Children Around the World

New in the section WeLike(d)! Occasionally, we will share our favorite Instagram account at the moment!

Arty, creative, socially or politically committed, inspiring or simply beautiful, some Instagram accounts are truly a great source of inspiration. We wanted to share some of our favorites.

"The close bond that springs out from looking at the innocence of these eyes transcends the judgement of the mind and puts us in contact with ourselves.
" With nearly 30,000 followers and more than 400,000 on Facebook, The Eyes of Children Around the World gathers stunning photographs of children, coming from several photographers, known or unknown. The only goal of their Instagram account is to raise awareness about the reality of the world, its people and its children. Hats off for them!


Picture by the Russian photographer Roman Novikov, @romantravel. The photographer was asked by a magazine to send his pictures of this sweet little blue-eyed boy.

"Someone from the management doubted the authenticity of the pictures and their color rendition. I was asked for the original RAW files from the camera. And after that, I received a letter, in which, if you simplify the subtleties of the translation, it was written: "We certainly believe you, but readers will not believe us."

Sometimes, one should go beyond Photoshop and simply look at the beauty of the nature in the eyes. Stunning.


The values of the world are falling apart; We hope that these children help us rescue them.

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