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The typewritten stories filmed by Wes Anderson

Wise kids, childish adults and theatre-like life in Wes Anderson's movies

Wes Anderson, pictured by Gianfranco Tripodo

It's almost impossible not to fall in love with the fascinating world that Wes Anderson creates in his movies, each one of which speaks its unique idiosyncratic language.

Always a bit of a rebel child in soul, the director has shared a passion for storytelling since his childhood.

In college, he met Owen Wilson, now a famous actor featuring almost in every Wes' work. Sharing a lot of common interests and having a great synergy, he and Owen decided to make a movie, that's how their first short film "Bottle Rocket" (1994) was born.

The movie attracted an investor and with a larger budget Wes' new movies have started gaining more and more popularity.

Inspired by his own childhood, the famous movie director loves to highlight how children are often much wiser than adults by showing the immature behavior of adult characters and mature decisions of kids. Most of the time making ironic comedies, Wes always adds some serious or melancholic moments and meaning.

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

The distinctive style of Wes Anderson's movies can be seen from far, beautifully centred symmetric long shots, warm dusty pastel colors, always special music, along with great cast make it unique in its kind. The movies resembling more to theatre plays, have also won a big success among both public and critics.

Bottle Rocket, 1996

Along with filming various commercials, including the one for Gucci, the director keeps creating excellently made movies, for example, the last released stop-motion animated movie "Isle of dogs" (2018), which was very well appreciated by the public and critics.

Isle of Dogs, 2018

Wes' singular aesthetic style became so popular that there's even a famous instagram account called @accidentallywesanderson, posting random pictures looking like shots from the director's movies.

Fantastic Mr. Fox, 2009

The recommendation to start exploring Wes Anderson's universe is "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (2009), one of the must-watch, which can be watched by the whole family! The stop-action animated feature tells a story of adventures of a fox, his family and his passion to farm raiding.


Wes Anderson's movies

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