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Spend a night in the Lego® House

If you and your family had an infinite supply of LEGO® bricks, what would you build? Answer this simple question and you will get a chance to spend a night in a LEGO® House.

4 guests. 2 bedrooms. 25 million bricks. Airbnb and LEGO® House are inviting you to an amazing overnight experience. The newly opened LEGO® House in Billund, Denmark, will become one family’s private playground for an entire night. Aspiring master builders are asked to put their imagination to the test and describe one thing they would build together with their family if they had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks.

Winners of the contest will enjoy the 12,000 square-meter LEGO® House for a whole night. They will sleep in a dream LEGO® bedroom under a giant LEGO® waterfall and create their winning entry with the skillful support of the host, Jamie Berard, one of the finest Master Builders in the world and a true expert of the brick. “Your journey will start when Jamie (…) welcomes you into the LEGO® House and sparks your imagination with top-secret LEGO® tips and tricks. Then he’ll join you for lunch served by two friendly robot waiters—but first you’ll have to build your meal order out of bricks.

Almost everything about the house is made out of LEGO® bricks: armchairs, television, newspaper and even the cat. With the million bricks available, you will also be able to leave your footprint building whatever you want.

If you want to spend the night in this wonderful place, be quick!
You have until the 16th of November to enter the contest! Good luck!


The LEGO® house, Billund, Denmark

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