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Quirky Monsters of Rob Hodgson

Regularly, we share our favorite Instagram account of the moment!

Arty, creative, socially or politically committed, inspiring or simply beautiful, some Instagram accounts are truly a great source of inspiration. We wanted to share some of our favorites.

by Rob Hodgson

The British artist, takes the monster under the bed and the giant in the basement and turns them into cute quirky creatures!

The British designer and illustrator, Rob Hodgson currently lives in Bristol where he spends his days making a mess and turning it into illustration projects and books. He is known for his Monster top trump and Monster Bingo game published by Lawrance King and his project with Lovers agency to create original characters and illustrate a resource booklet for the Beaver Scouts. The artist, with a deep interest in how and why we make pictures, cites Yoko Ono, Ed Templeton and Arthur Russell among his influences.

Working with traditional processes and lo-fi techniques such as block printing, paper cutting and wood cut, Rob combines old and new ideas to create his work. Some interests include animals, skateboards, the psychology of perception and collecting strange toys.

Currently, he has up to 16,000 followers on Instagram with a growing audience. The talented artist's Instagram page consists of various characters he designed for his projects over the years.

Here is a little overview of his sketches:


Rob Hodgson, Monsters! illustration

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