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Practice yoga with your little ones!

Have you ever thought of taking your child to yoga classes with you?


Being a kid is never easy, facing a lot of stress and peer pressure at school on a daily basis, children need to relax. We've heard a lot about yoga being a great way to calm and focus for adults, but actually it seems to have even more benefits for kids!

Several studies have revealed yoga can improve both physical and mental health. The researchers report not only yoga improves physiological capacities, such as aerobics, endurance and strength, but it can positively influence self-esteem, academic skills and behavior in school, as well as reduce stress and anxiety in kids.


Also, the study has shown the number of children doing yoga has increased.

It is also believed yoga can be especially helpful for the little ones with autism or ADHD, as during a research the kids who practiced yoga everyday showed less agressive behavior, hyperactivity and social withdrawal than those who didn't practice it.

Moreover, children themselves claimed yoga help them to focus better on the studies and to pay attention longer.

Most importantly yoga can help to boost confidence and self-esteem. The psychology behind this is that because yoga teachers don't guide kids too much, practicing and finally mastering a pose without any pressure improves the little ones' confidence and self-esteem.


Meditation can also be a very good source of zen and stress-relief, which helps building empathy and happiness, as well as improving concentration and self-esteem.

Yoga and meditation both can be easily practiced at home by the little ones and their parents, as well as there exist plenty of classes for the whole family. Doing yoga by the parents and their children can be a super fun activity helping to strengthen your family ties!

Take a look at some cool Instagram accounts dedicated to family yoga:

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💙💚💛🧡💜 #repost @bjjyogini ・・・ I’m a vegan yoga teacher who does jiu-jitsu. Basically I eat plants, wrestle people and make shapes with my body all day long 🥋🧘🏼‍♀️🌱🦕 I’m in London preparing for an amazing vegan event at Alexandra Palace. I’m bringing the magic, connection and love of @rainbowkidsyoga to Vegan Life Live with my beautiful friends and co-teachers @marysheppardyoga, @treefrograinbowyoga and @yoga.magic.notts. Find us at stand A9 all weekend and right across in the dedicated kids area ~ with Rainbow style kids & family yoga workshops all weekend 💗 I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate international women’s day, than beside these women who constantly inspire me! . . 📷 by @stephentcampbell 🙏 #vegan #herbivore #yoga #acro #love #inspiration #rainbowyoga #kidsyoga #familyyoga #community #yogateachers #london #internationalwomensday

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And lastly, the coolest yogi, Meddy the teddy bear!

Whether at school, at home, or elsewhere, to regain focus, cope with stress, or boost self-confidence, yoga is definitely something to try!

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