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Playtime Picks: Tom & Boy

The second in our series Playtime Picks, this week we are talking about Spanish brand Tom & Boy! Our Events Director at Playtime & Kid's Hub, Chantal Danguillaume, fell in love at first sight with this inspiring brand at Playtime Paris and would like to put them in the spotlight for the entire Playtime Community!

Keep scrolling to get to know Tom & Boy better!

unisex kids and teens fashion

Tom & Boy was founded to dress rebellious, confident, and adventurous children, regardless of their gender identity. The brand's name comes from the term "tomboy" to describe a girl who likes to partake in activities traditionally associated with boys. The concept of the brand goes further than the idea of a girl who likes doing the same things as boys, by encouraging girls and boys to do whatever they enjoy, regardless of how they are expected to act. By naming the brand Tom & Boy, both tomboys and boys are encouraged to be themselves.

unisex kids and teens fashion

The designer believes the trends of society have lead the fashion industry to start creating genderless brands. While there are many collections that are non-gender, Tom & Boy goes deeper into what that means. It isn't simply about girls wearing boy's clothing and vice versa, but rather specifically designing clothes that are inclusive. Their collections feature hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, and accessories that all illustrate the simple joys of childhood and youth.

The brand began with small collections designed for young adults, and has now evolved to include kidswear. Two seasons ago, the designer began to see that children's collections would coincide well with what she was trying to illustrate through Tom & Boy, that girls can climb trees and run freely just as boys can. She believed that there was a space in the children's market for her to convey something different through her designs, something more unisex and free than what was already available.

unisex kids and teens fashion

In addition to being gender inclusive, Tom & Boy is a brand seeking to safeguard the environment. Every piece in their collection is made from deadstock fabrics to avoid these surplus textiles that fabric mills don't sell from going to waste. All of their sourcing and production is done in Portugal, where they rely on the expertise of their partners while keeping pollution from transportation to a minimum.

Tom & Boy also does collaborations with other designers and illustrators that make each of their collections feel new and exciting. While the styles may differ, the themes of gender neutrality and sustainability tie all of the collections into a coherent brand identity.

unisex kids and teens fashion

Tom & Boy is a direct reflection of how the designer feels and what she is, in terms of both fashion and simply being human. This makes Tom & Boy a very personable brand that is in sync with the general feelings of the time. Their AW21 kids collection drew inspiration from the "second life" of the artist Henri Matisse. After a medical crisis that left him unable to paint, the renowned French artist rediscovered the fun of cutting out shapes as he had loved to do as a child. With the help of his assistants, he turned the bedroom he was often confined to into a garden of colorful paper leaves, fruits, and birds. In the same spirit, Tom & Boy's collection is filling the world with textures, nature inspired motifs, and vibrant colors to make every day a little brighter.

Can't get enough of Tom & Boy? Neither could Chantal, which is why she interviewed them at Playtime Paris! Watch the video here!

Be sure to keep an eye out for this amazing brand coming soon to the Playtime & Kid's Hub Marketplace!

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