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Meet Cécile, owner of Little Cécile (Hem & Lille, France)

It's time for another buyer spotlight! Cécile, a mother of 3, former pharmacy doctor, and owner of two children's concept stores called Little Cécile, took a few moments to chat with us as she was exploring Wonderland at Playtime Paris in January. Let's get excited for the summer editions by reminiscing on the return of Playtime Paris at the beginning of this year, introducing you to the stunning Little Cécile boutiques, and seeing what Cécile thought about Wonderland!

Dive into the magical world of childhood with Cécile!

children's fashion concept store
children's fashion concept store

Playtime: Thank you so much for speaking with us! Can you please introduce yourself and your boutiques?

Cécile: Hi, my name is Cécile and I have 2 boutiques in the North of France called Little Cécile. One is located in the town of Hem, and the other is the largest kid's concept store in Lille. Little Cécile is dedicated to the tender and delicate universe of children ages 0-6. I fill the store with the high quality products that I want to buy for my own children, and take great care in selecting the brands I offer. Little Cécile carries a blend of young French designers, trendy brands, poetic and ethical objects, local creations, thoughtfully designed toys, fashion and childcare accessories.

children's fashion concept store

Playtime: How does it feel to be back in person at Playtime Paris?

Cécile: It’s really great to be back, to meet all the brands physically again. Some are new brands I've been working with by phone or email so it's really pleasant to meet them in person. As always, it's great to discover new brands and new products at the trade show.

children's fashion concept store

Playtime: What brands have you come to see at Playtime Paris?

Cécile: I work with a lot of brands that are here already, like the cosmetics and accessories brand Rosajou who I've worked with since the beginning. I also work with Bonjour Little and some other smaller brands, but I like to buy from bigger, more trendy brands as well like Izipizi.

children's fashion concept store
children's fashion concept store

Playtime: Our season's theme was Wonderland. What would your Wonderland look like?

Cécile: I think Wonderland is a world that welcomes everyone, with all of their differences. For me it would be a world that includes children in all their aspects and allows them to grow up and discover the world in a safe and fun environment.

Thank you so much to Cécile for taking the time to speak with us!
Be sure to visit Cécile's lovely boutiques any time you're in Lille or Hem!
Watch the full interview here!

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