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Mastering Stay At Home

Even though the world has come to a standstill, one cannot expect human beings to stop learning. And, one cannot expect kids to stop having fun. So, while everyone was cooped up in their homes during the confinement days, people all over the world stepped up and saved humanity from boredom and isolation by crafting wonderful online sessions of almost everything – fun, music, dancing, reading and learning.

Our brands here at Playtime were not ones to be left behind. While the families were in constant presence of other members for the foreseeable future, the brands brought up all kinds of activities for kids, thereby providing the parents with a little bit ‘Me time’!

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest stay at home plans (that can be implemented even after the lockdown)!

bobo choses

Bobo Choses has always aimed to create products beyond clothing. With every new collection, the brand also releases an illustrated book which revolves around their latest source of inspiration. During the confinement, Bobo Choses created a series of ‘Cool Plans To Stay At Home’a world of dancing, painting, creating and learning. Bobo Choses has released several playlists with the coolest songs to dance on, along with a T.A.N.G.O. masterclass to help you get your groove on. They’ve also crafted a number of templates to fill in with every colour imaginable. Their ‘explore section’ covers a variety of projects such as magic tricks, hyperspace gogles, home-marbling and bringing vegetables to life. They have something different for every mood and every day of the week!

Instagram: @_bobochoses_


The roarsome world of Dinoski climbed another level of fun and games. While the brand advocates outdoor living, the confinement brought about a change in all our lives. And so, Dinoski created blog posts that would not only educate kids but also ensure they grow up to be wholesome. From yoga and exploring the Great Barrier Reef to honing writing skills and creating shadow puppets, Dinsoki has it all. They also created a short video to appreciate the front-line health workers for all their work. And since the confinement prevents us from meeting our loved ones, Dinoski created ‘Love Cards’ that can be personally coloured and sent out to remind every one that we’re in this together!

Instagram: @dinoskiwear


Boboli took the playful aesthetics of their brand and created a journal of ideas! With their online blog and Instagram posts, Boboli made sure that kids at home learned something new in different fields of interest. Every entry in their online journal includes an interesting person to discover, a cool and easy to make recipe, exploring different worlds with different books and skipping to some of coolest Boboli songs. The brand also managed to make science and math fun by mixing them in games and experiments with easily available objects. Is there anything else we could ask for?

Instagram: @boboli_fashion


Memories play an important role in creating some of the best life experiences. Piupiuchick understands that very well! The brand asked their audience to share moments of precious family time during the confinement to create a series of videos filled with happiness, laughter and music. The videos are an excellent way to not only savour these fleeting moments but also to let everyone know that they’re not alone. The series helps in bringing fun into these confusing times and weaves stories of coming together and being strong.

Instagram: @piupiuchick

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