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Introducing this season's theme: BREATHE

Drum roll please: the theme for the summer shows is BREATHE!
kid's b2b trade show
Illustration by Blanche Daramir

It all starts with a deep inhalation that fills the lungs with air and comes out with a cry.
Breathe, day 1.

Then all the other days, hold your breath and breathe again, hope and reward, desire and satisfaction, wishes that come true, breathtaking astonishment, true joy, or sometimes, true pain and you can’t breathe anymore… It comes and goes, there are ups and downs, but eventually it all comes to one vital need: Let us breathe!

There’s no hanging on to what we have, there’s no knowing what we will have, but there's certainty in what we want. Room to breathe, hope for all, fresh air, a world with a future anchored in reality. Let us breathe.

And then comes inspiration, then comes action, and the world will evolve to meet our desires. We hold our breath because there’s hope. We hold our breath to then take a deeper breath.
Oxygen, freedom, hope.
Let us breathe!

Meet the artist behind the season's illustrations, Blanche Daramir!
kid's b2b trade show
Blanche Daramir

Blanche Daramir is a French painter and illustrator based in Nantes. Join us as we ask her some questions about her illustrations for the season!

Where did your inspiration for your BREATHE illustration come from?
Breathe”, the season's theme, is beyond inspiring! This word immediately reminds me of a landscape: an uncluttered space in which to escape and recharge your batteries, a mental and physical break.

kid's b2b trade show
Color palette by Blanche Daramir for Breathe Illustration

How did you choose the colors? What do the colors you used represent?
I wanted something fresh and sunny. So I created a palette that could evoke both the lightness of a summer in the country, with shades of green, but also the softness and joy of childhood with blues, reds, and pinks.

Where is your favorite place to go to rejuvenate yourself and BREATHE in fresh air?
I grew up in the country. Now, I live in Nantes. It is a city with many parks that offer the possibility to be in contact with vegetation, even in the city center. But I need to return regularly to my native land, near Angoulême. Getting away from the hustle and bustle permits me to refocus.

We will get to see your work on display at Playtime Paris. What does our show represent to you?
First of all, Playtime is all about discoveries: passionate people who are committed to offering smart and stylish products for children.

Playtime is also about inspiring colors and shapes. I am delighted to be part of the 2022 edition and to present my work in this context :-)

kid's b2b trade show
Illustration by Blanche Daramir
kid's b2b trade show
Illustration by Blanche Daramir
kid's b2b trade show
Illustration by Blanche Daramir

We are so excited to welcome you all to a calming space, where we can BREATHE in a fresh perspective and find inspiration! Get your pass now to join us at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid's Hub New York this summer!


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