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Innovative concept of Bipolart

Update the furniture you love with creative tops and posters by Bipolart!

At Playtime Paris, in the Aa.bsolution restaurant area, tables will be dressed with Bipolart's magnetic tops with exclusive patterns designed by the 12 illustrators of the Crea.tif area, based on the theme of the Family.

When we buy a table, we suppose it'll serve us well for a longtime. The life goes on, we change, our interests change, we grow up, have kids, break up...our table stands there through years. Have you ever wished to change a bit the interior without the need of throwing the memorable, but old-looking table away, for example?

Bipolart proposes to change the design according to your mood and feelings, lifestyle and memorable events, days and seasons, by offering a wide range of magnetic tops, which easily apply to your table, frame, or wall.

The brand's creative designer is Marie Casanova, who's an interior designer, explains she often notice beautiful tables hidden by ugly oilcloths and now she's determined to change that forever. The brand came up with a genius solution for everyone, a magnetic top with creative original prints, which is adjustable and adaptable, as it can be easily attached to any table, wall or picture frame. The brand has a patented system of magnetic surfaces.

Bipolart offers a range of around 300 stylish designs including patterns, prints and colors , and 6 "effects of a different surface" allowing you to change the style however you want whenever you want, but most importantly, the brand offers a great way to express your talent and imagination!

Check out Bipolart's tops on the tables of Aa.bsolution restaurant, aisle F at Playtime Paris on January 26-28!



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