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An Embroidered Miniature World

This brilliantly executed thread work has us wound up in knots

Embroidery today has reached a new level of delicate aesthetics with details that would make your eyes go crazy. The Japanese artist Ipnot's miniature food embroidery checks all the boxes when it comes to mind-blowing needle-work.

Inspired by her grandmother’s embroidery habits, Ipnot picked up the craft at an early age. The classic French knot was her calling. By wrapping the thread around a needle multiple times, Ipnot mastered this intricate knot. Her artwork focuses on 2D and 3D forms of mostly miniature food, but not only. She finds inspiration in almost anything – from animals to sports, and seasons to movies. The strategically arranged real life props (chopsticks, coffee cups or kettles) throw life into some of the flat embroideries.

Are you ready to squint your eyes and count the number of tightly embroidered French knots?
Sushi Roll
501 Series
501 Series
Candle Flame
501 Series
Ramen Soup
Oreo Biscuit
Pouring Coffee
Check out more of her projects on Instagram: @ipnot

Pizza slice with oozing cheese
‘I use my needle like a paint brush and I stitch one knot at a time.’ -Ipnot

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