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Concrete abstract with Christoph Niemann

Regularly, we share our favorite Instagram account of the moment!

Arty, creative, socially or politically committed, inspiring or simply beautiful, some Instagram accounts are truly a great source of inspiration. We wanted to share some of our favorites.

by Christoph Niemann

If you do not know him, you may live on planet Mars. We invite you to enter the creative world of Christoph Niemann, recognized German-born illustrator, artist, and author known for his covers of The New Yorker, WIRED, and The New York Times Magazine. He plays with scales like nobody else, turning bananas into horse's legs, a sock into a tyrannosaur's head or an upside-down teapot into an elephant's head.

These past few years, Christoph Niemann used to share one sketch each Sunday on his Instagram account @abstractsunday. Now, he's turning every day into a creative moment, letting us see the unseen. The account has currently 737,000 followers. In 2016, he has published a book of his sketches called Sunday Sketching.

Here is a little overview of his sketches:

Niemann also loves to play with what he sees of the city where he lives, New-York city.
Instagram: @abstractsunday


A sketch by Christoph Niemann

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