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Young and inspiring Tchibicco

The brand finds creative ways to promote sustainability

Inspired by the sweet memories of growing up in Japan, the designer and the mother Valerie decided to create a childrenswear brand with a sense of endless possibility.

Merging tradition with the new contemporary eco-friendly techniques, Tchibicco works passionately to make each garment special and story-telling.

The SS'20 collection is all about playfulness of the little ones and their unique magical universe, keeping in mind the importance of take care of the environment.

The attention to detail, careful selection of raw materials, along with aesthetically pleasing designs, which will gain the hearts of both children and their parents, this is what the brand is all about.

Thibicco is not only comfortable to wear, it is also safe and ethical, as the environmental responsibility is at the core of the brand's production, it is proud to be making all of its clothes in a sustainable way.

Having as the main values creativity, honesty and commitment to inspiring positivity and promoting sustainability, the brand wants to reflect children's personalities.

Meet the brand at Playtime Paris on June 29-July 1, booth L04!


SS'20 collection by Tchibicco