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When Sproet & Sprout meets Disney

Sometimes a brand doesn’t have to look that far to collaborate with another cool brand. Sproet & Sprout knows it.

The Dutch brand has decided to collaborate with the brand that needs no introduction, Disney.
A capsule collection for the little ones from 0 to 2 yo. The Sproet & Sprout x Disney collection has a beautiful twist: the urban atmosphere really rocks! In black and white, the 16 pieces of the collection all work perfectly together.

Sproet & Sprout really believes in unisex designs for babies and kids that aren’t polished and slick, but edgy, adventurous and fun. The concept of true beauty is also very important for the brand. "True beauty lies in the perfect imperfections. The irresistible freckles on your son’s nose, the untamable curls on your daughter’s head or the charming gap between their teeth."

Sproet&Sprout will be at Playtime Paris this coming January 27-29! Until then, follow the brand on social media: Instagram and Facebook


Romper 'Thunderbolt Mickey' by Sproet&Sprout x Disney