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UNAUthorized, a tribute to father and son

MINI A TURE Copenhagen is launching a second brand for boys aged 4-14 called UNAUthorized.

UNAUthorized is a tribute to father and son, their synergy and love. The Danish brand offers a high fashion, comprehensive wardrobe of both casual and chic pieces. It is the men and the boys we are addressing - and indirectly all the mothers who think that it is cool to see their boys - big and small - look like each other. UNAUthorized is much more than a brand. It's about style and attitude.

UNAUthorized is a kind of countercurrent. It is the parents' conscious choice to dress their children as themselves - more adult and cool – or vice versa, to dress themselves as their children - more young and casual.
As a clothes brand, we embrace the adult in the child and the childish in the adult - the man in the boy and the boy in the man.

UNAUthorized mixes high fashion, sports and streetwear. It's not only a children's collection. It's for boys and men. The range of styles will be limited and design sophisticated with urban roots.

Showing at Playtime Paris for the first time, UNAUthorized is inviting you to discover their collection there!

UNAUthorized Instagram @unau_thorized
Mini A Ture website


SS18 collection ©UNAUthorized